Lost in the City: Stories Character Descriptions

Edward P. Jones
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Robert Morgan appears in The Girl Who Raised Pigeons

This character married at age eighteen and became a single parent within one year.

Cassandra G. Lewis appears in The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed

This character is a foul-mouthed and bad-tempered teenager who is in the process of failing out of high school.

Caesar Matthews appears in Young Lions

This character specializes in cons and burglary.

Marvella Watkins appears in An Orange Line Train to Ballston

This character is a parent to three children and spends most of his/her mornings on the metro accompanying the children to school before going to work.

Madeleine Williams appears in The Sunday Following Mother's Day

This character lives a normal life until age 6 when his/her father kills his/her mother in the middle of the night.

Lydia Walsh appears in Lost in the City

This character lives in a plush...

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