Lost in the City: Stories Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Edward P. Jones
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The Girl Who Raised Pigeons

• In "The Girl Who Raised Pigeons", Robert Morgan and Clara date and become engaged.

• After they marry, Robert and Clara move into an apartment in Jenny and Walter Creed's house and have a baby girl, Betsy Ann Morgan.

• When Betsy Ann is only a few weeks old, Clara dies of a debilitating disease.

• After the family stops helping him, Robert worries about raising an infant alone, but Jenny convinces him that he can do it with the help of the neighbors.

• Robert raises Betsy Ann and becomes something of a minor neighborhood hero.
• Jenny acts as a surrogate mother to Betsy Ann.

• Betsy visits Miles Patterson's pigeon coop as an eight-year-old child and is very frightened by the pigeons.

• When she revisits the coop three years later, Betsy Ann realizes she wants to raise pigeons.

• Robert makes her a coop and gets some...

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