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James Garbarino
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the term for the identifying line of those we feel morally obligated to?

2. Boot camps are places that use ____________________.

3. What percentage of American kids have been found to be in need of professional mental health intervention?

4. In addition to family rejection, what other aspect of life can cause a feeling of alienation in the life of violent youth?

5. These can help young boys develop a positive sense of self.

Short Essay Questions

1. What forces are at work when identifying preventative measures and acting on them, in terms of violent youth?

2. Why is the measure of wealth to a child difficult?

3. How do positive connections and relationships help vulnerable youths to avoid violence?

4. What are home visiting programs, and why do they work?

5. Explain Kohlberg's system of moral intellect.

6. According to Garbarino, what does the masculine socialization in America mean to boys, and what is the effect?

7. Explain trauma, and why and how the learning of human fragility can be traumatic.

8. What does Garbarino point out in his ten facts of violent life in terms of the temperament of violent youth?

9. What is resilience? Explain what the study done by psychologist Pat Tolan shows in terms of how things can overcome resilience.

10. What are the five anchoring effects spirituality has on children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Garbarino discusses the predictable pattern of escalating antisocial acts that often bring violent boys to the attention of authorities. Discuss this pathway, in detail. make sure to include school, the juvenile justice system, juvenile court systems, probation officers, treatment specialists and youth advocates. Also, be sure to discuss MST treatment options, and their success. Finally, discuss options if MST is not available, including juvenile and adult prison systems.

Essay Topic 2

In addition to the psychological anchors mentioned in the book, there are also social anchors that are vital to keeping youth away from violence. Choose three of the following, and discuss them, making sure to discuss not only how they help keep kids from violence, but how they compliment psychological anchors.

1. Stability

2. Affirmation

3. Security

4. Time

5. Economic Equality

6. Institutions That Foster Human Rights

Essay Topic 3

In the book, the effects of abuse on the social maps of children is discussed, in terms of the fact that abused children often see the world differently than those who are not abused. As part of that discussion, there are four specific elements of the moral code for abused children that have an impact on their relationship with the world. Discuss these four elements in depth. What are they, and how do they affect the world view of the abused child. How do these translate into higher changes of violence?

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