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James Garbarino
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Short Answer Questions

1. What trait do some mothers have or develop that can cause behavioral issues in their children, in terms of emotional attachment?

2. Why does Garbarino believe the nation took notice of cases such as those of Michael Carneal, Mitchell Johnson, and Andrew Golden?

3. What is avoidant attachment?

4. What does the term 'bad seed' imply?

5. What is the name of center Garbarino helps run?

Short Essay Questions

1. In addition to negative social maps, what are two other links between abuse and child develop issues?

2. Describe the concept of the tipping point.

3. Explain why the problem of youth violence changes as the problem spreads, and why 'war zones' are a prime area for the 'infection' of youth violence to foster.

4. What are some of the risk factors for youth violence?

5. Explain the effect of the historical and cultural patterns of the South on the 'war zones' of larger urban cities.

6. Explain what researchers Patrick Tolan and Nancy Guerra discover are the most effective treatments for delinquency and criminally violent youth.

7. Explain the tie between neurological problems and violence, and why Garbarino blames, again, medical technologies for the rise in neurological issues in children.

8. Explain why Garbarino calls these violent youth 'lost boys'.

9. What does Garbarino say about society's desire to punish violent youth?

10. Explain the four factors that help keep a young soul from dying?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the concepts of depersonalization and desensitization. Include the information given about the changes in training for the military, and why that tells us something about the desensitization effects of modern media. In your discussion, discuss how modern media, including violent television and video games, can desensitize and sensationalize violence, as well as how modern music can dehumanize women and other races and cultures.

Essay Topic 2

Garbarino discusses the predictable pattern of escalating antisocial acts that often bring violent boys to the attention of authorities. Discuss this pathway, in detail. make sure to include school, the juvenile justice system, juvenile court systems, probation officers, treatment specialists and youth advocates. Also, be sure to discuss MST treatment options, and their success. Finally, discuss options if MST is not available, including juvenile and adult prison systems.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the "boot camp" method of juvenile administration with the Monastery method Garbarino supports. Be sure to discuss what is included in each, underlying principles, and basic concepts, as well as explaining why Garbarino favors the monastery method, and why he believes it is so beneficial for violent youths.

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