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James Garbarino
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Incorporating both male and female characteristics is called ___________________.
(a) Antisocial.
(b) Vulnerable.
(c) Depression.
(d) Androgyny.

2. What does Garbarino claim that boys, because of masculine socialization, feel an intense pressure to be?
(a) Abusive and cruel.
(b) Kind and considerate.
(c) Tough and powerful.
(d) Tender and sweet.

3. This type of influence matters in how a boy behaves in society, regardless of home life.
(a) Self influence.
(b) School influence.
(c) Sibling influence.
(d) Peer influence.

4. In addition to helping deter violent teens, character education helps to __________________.
(a) Help abusive parents.
(b) Help teachers and educators.
(c) Detoxify the family unit.
(d) Detoxify the social environment.

5. Harry Stack Sullivan said, "Human behavior is more simply ______________________."
(a) Animalistic than otherwise.
(b) Human than otherwise.
(c) Stupid than otherwise.
(d) Godly than otherwise.

Short Answer Questions

1. Spiritual support can buffer against ___________________.

2. According to Garbarino's interview of third graders in Illinois, how many believed they could get a gun if needed?

3. Recidivists are those who ________________________.

4. Neurologists refer to the process by which it takes less and less stimulation to set off an internal reaction as __________________.

5. An extreme lack of confidence in the future is called ___________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Garbarino's monastery method?

2. Why is the measure of wealth to a child difficult?

3. What is social support, as a foundation for resilience, and what are the two dimensions of social support?

4. According to Garbarino, what does the masculine socialization in America mean to boys, and what is the effect?

5. What are the four motives of teenagers to be drawn to guns, revealed in the study by Jeremy Shapiro?

6. Explain social toxicity, and be sure to include what it is, what it consists of, and why it is important to Garbarino.

7. Explain Kohlberg's system of moral intellect.

8. What are the four breakdowns of childhood protection that Garbarino discusses in the book?

9. Explain why military veterans are not violent, considering they have both depersonalized the enemy and have been desensitized.

10. What is Garbarino's belief about what is involved in a complete rehabilitation program for violent boys?

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