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Carolyn Parkhurst
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are two cities Cassie and Juliet will fly through?
(a) New York and Nuuk.
(b) London and New York.
(c) Copenhagen and Stockholm.
(d) Moscow and Leningrad.

2. Where do the teams prepare to go next?
(a) Trinity College.
(b) The Wishing Chair.
(c) The Blarney Stone.
(d) Phoenix Park.

3. What is the answer to the next clue's question?
(a) The Ice Hotel.
(b) Nothing is missing.
(c) A mystery that was solved.
(d) The former Lake that is now dry.

4. Where does Cassie figure out they are going?
(a) Russia.
(b) Finland.
(c) Swedish Lapland.
(d) Greenland.

5. What does Eli announce when he is free?
(a) Justin and Abby are disqualified.
(b) Eli understands the pressure on Justin.
(c) Legal action will be taken against Justin.
(d) Justin must apologize or face legal action.

6. Who are Eli, Kate, and Jeremy?
(a) Three new contestants.
(b) Camera people.
(c) People who will try to throw off the contestants.
(d) Three producers.

7. How do the contestants get to London?
(a) Train.
(b) They must drive and use ferries.
(c) They never go to London.
(d) Fly.

8. What is Eli stunned to watch on the film?
(a) Ken seducing Justin.
(b) Cassie crying after leaving the American couple with the baby.
(c) A Japanese man helping Betty.
(d) Abby seducing Juliet.

9. What causes Cassie to lose control when Juliet comes out into the waiting room?
(a) Juliet is crying.
(b) Juliet is covered in fuzz.
(c) Juliet has a Christening dress.
(d) Juliet trips and falls into a pile of just-shorn wool.

10. What does Abby dread while they are driving to Jukkasjarvi?
(a) Having to make small talk with the man who is driving.
(b) Justin saying why they were selected to participate in the game.
(c) The flirtatious looks the man is giving Justin.
(d) The flirtatious looks the woman is giving Abby.

11. Who offers to drive Abby and Justin to Jukkasjarvi?
(a) A woman about their age.
(b) A young American man.
(c) An older German couple.
(d) A Swedish couple.

12. Who helps Laura and Carl with their clue?
(a) A bookstore proprietor.
(b) A self-proclaimed poet laureate.
(c) A schoolteacher with a group of children.
(d) A bum on the street.

13. What team has still not arrived at dawn?
(a) Justin and Abby.
(b) Riley and Trent.
(c) All the teams arrive well before midnight.
(d) Jeff and Dallas.

14. What does Eli ask Justin he wants to do concerning Abby?
(a) Tell her the truth.
(b) Let Barbara tell her the truth.
(c) Let her see the video of Justin and Ken.
(d) Let her finish the game with another player.

15. What do the producers hope Cassie will reveal?
(a) That she is a lesbian.
(b) Her pregnancy.
(c) That she sees the baby in Fujimira.
(d) Her father's death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Juliet say about her map reading skills?

2. What does Elin do that makes Juliet happy?

3. What must contestants choose for their next two clues?

4. What does Cassie offer to do first at the weaver's house?

5. What does Carl do when he notices that Laura is fading?

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