Objects & Places from Lost and Found

Carolyn Parkhurst
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Lost and Found

Scavenger style television show.


The southernmost city in Egypt and where the story opens with seven remaining teams.

Temples of Abu Simbel

A cliff with four giant statues of Ramses carved into it.

Hotel Barona

The hotel where Justin, Abby, Cassie, and Laura get their sequins for this portion of the game.

Northern Cemetery

The final destination for each team in Egypt and home to more living than dead.


The next destination after the teams leave Cairo.


A Japanese Inn.

Daredevil Round

Thrown in to shake things up every third country or so.

A bridge that is held up by cables and links Sweden to Denmark.


An ex-gay missionary who teaches retraining for those who no longer want to be gay.


Nicknamed Kitchen Town, it is the section of Tokyo that sells restaurant supplies of all kinds...

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