Lost and Found Fun Activities

Carolyn Parkhurst
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Make a map of the contestants' journey throughout the game.

Reality Show

Write a brief outline for a new reality show.


Have students act out one scene of Lost and Found.

Letter Writing

Write a letter from Abby to her parents explaining why she was happier when she was living as a lesbian.

Magazine Reporter

Interview Laura for People Magazine.

Literature Review

Write a literature review for Lost and Found to be published in the New Yorker.


Create a very brief synopsis for the front flap of Lost and Found that would entice people to read the book.

Trivia Game

Design a Trivial Pursuit type game based on Lost and Found. Play the game in groups and have the winner from each group play each others for a class champion.

Graphic Novel

Create one page of a graphic novel based on a scene from Lost...

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