Lost and Found Character Descriptions

Carolyn Parkhurst
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Cassie Gardner

This character is a seventeen-year-old lesbian, straining at the apron strings and craving the security of the family unit.

Laura Gardner

This character is an administrator in an elementary school office.


This character teams up more than halfway through the game with the elementary school administrator.

Juliet Jansen

This character is a former child star.


This character feels that he is always one step behind his older brother.


This character is a "reformed" homosexual man who believes Christianity has helped him live a life as a heterosexual.


This character comes to accepts herself as a lesbian despite the Christian dogma she had believed.

Dallas McKinley

This character's claim to fame is a program called President Scooter.

Barbara Fox

This character is forty three and hopes to get a big break hosting the show.

Betsy and Jason

These characters were once high school...

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