Lost and Found Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Carolyn Parkhurst
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Chapter One: Laura and Chapter Two: Cassie

• Laura and Cassie gather the items they have to take with them and meet in the lobby with the other contestants.

• Barbara Fox, the producer of the show Lost and Found, sends each team out after doing a quick check.

• The teams solve clues and challenges and go to new cities to find an item that they then have to carry with them.

• Barbara sends off for the slowest couple who are eliminated each segment is the same saying.

• She tells them they lost the game but asks them what have they found.
• Laura knows when they are eliminated she will say that she has found her daughter.

• Laura and Cassie are in Aswan, Egypt and Cassie wishes they could see more of the country.

• When Laura opens the envelope and finds a poem, which gives the next clue and a...

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