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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claudia do when she sees Zinkoff?
(a) Cries.
(b) Gives him another gift.
(c) Kisses him.
(d) Hugs him.

2. What makes everything so quiet while Zinkoff is searching for Claudia?
(a) The snow.
(b) His ear muffs.
(c) The darkness.
(d) The sirens.

3. When does Zinkoff go down to his cellar?
(a) During Polly's nap.
(b) In the morning before everyone wakes up.
(c) When his father gets home.
(d) At bed time.

4. What scares Zinkoff about the middle school?
(a) All of these.
(b) It is big.
(c) It is brick.
(d) It is far from his house.

5. What team is Zinkoff on for Field Day?
(a) The Blue Team.
(b) The Gray Team.
(c) The Red Team.
(d) The Purple Team.

Short Answer Questions

1. What team wins the 5th grade Field Day?

2. How will someone know that a name and a boy go together in Chapter 1?

3. Why do students whisper the word Jabip to him after the first incident?

4. Who does Zinkoff want to hold his hand as he goes to school?

5. What always makes Zinkoff laugh at the dinner table?

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