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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do students whisper the word Jabip to him after the first incident?
(a) To see him happy.
(b) To see him cry.
(c) To make him laugh.
(d) To annoy the teacher.

2. What is the final race on Field Day?
(a) A relay race.
(b) A foot race.
(c) A ball-dribbling race.
(d) An obstacle course.

3. How many days will kids be in school during their educational careers?
(a) 1,000 days.
(b) More than 2,000 days.
(c) 1,500 days.
(d) 3,022 days.

4. What does Mrs. Zinkoff do to make money?
(a) Sews dresses.
(b) Makes telemarketing calls.
(c) Irons laundry.
(d) Mails invoices.

5. What day of school does Zinkoff want to miss?
(a) Take Your Child to Work Day.
(b) A Snow Day.
(c) Mother's Appreciation Day.
(d) The Testing Day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of developmental problem does Zinkoff's teacher think he might have?

2. What does Zinkoff know his father will never see him as?

3. What does Zinkoff's father do with him after Field Day?

4. Who brought Zinkoff home from school on the weekend?

5. What is the highest grade at the elementary school?

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