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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the sixth sense that rules the others?
(a) The Umami sense of taste.
(b) Sensing another being's fear.
(c) Love of iron.
(d) The ability to see dead people.

2. What has the general shape and disposition of a barrel of gunpowder?
(a) A mad elf.
(b) A Lancre hill horse.
(c) A wild boar.
(d) A Lancre Gorge troll.

3. What inspires the townfolk to fight the elves?
(a) Shawn Ogg's inspirational call to arms.
(b) Free drinks for the survivors.
(c) The persistence of Nanny Ogg.
(d) The pursuit of glory.

4. Why won't the elves attack the Morris Men during the Stick and Bucket dance?
(a) The sticks are made of iron.
(b) They are outnumbered.
(c) They love music.
(d) They are scared of accordions.

5. Where is Greebo's territory?
(a) The Royal Chicken Farm.
(b) The Great Hall.
(c) The castle kitchen.
(d) The Long Gallery.

6. Why does magic not work on unicorns?
(a) They wear protective horse shoes.
(b) Unicorns are just an illusion.
(c) Their horns are enchanted.
(d) They can see through illusion.

7. Why do elves use arrows?
(a) The can be used over greater distances.
(b) To control people.
(c) The can pierce chain-mail.
(d) They are lighter to carry than a sword.

8. What brings tears to Magrat's eyes?
(a) Diamanda's coma.
(b) The discovery that the king sleeps on the floor.
(c) Onions being cut.
(d) Elfs in the dungeon.

9. Where do they find the coronation coach?
(a) At the blacksmith's.
(b) In the Royal Garage.
(c) At the coach mechanic's.
(d) In a stable.

10. Which profession would make the best queen?
(a) Acting.
(b) Singing.
(c) Cooking.
(d) Dancing.

11. Who had wanted an aerial attack force?
(a) Queen Tnci the Short-Tempered.
(b) King Verence I.
(c) King Verence II.
(d) King Gumt.

12. What apparently kills Esme Weatherwax?
(a) Old age.
(b) An elfish arrow.
(c) A swarm of bees.
(d) A poisoned chalice.

13. Why does Nanny Ogg live alone?
(a) She never gets bored alone.
(b) She cannot stand her son.
(c) Out of pride.
(d) She doesn't have to share a bathroom.

14. What can King Verence no longer afford?
(a) The wedding arrangements.
(b) More seeds for the herb garden.
(c) Time to spend with his soon to be queen.
(d) Mattresses.

15. Which race is know for care and attention to detail?
(a) Humans.
(b) The elves.
(c) The trolls.
(d) The dwarves.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which animal's morals does Nanny Ogg share?

2. Greebo sees Magrat as ________________.

3. How does the elf Queen aim to gain control of Lancre?

4. Why is a troll with a helmet on unlikely to eat you?

5. What trait do Elves lack?

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