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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What composes Discworld's core?
(a) Pancakes.
(b) Iron.
(c) There is no core.
(d) Gold.

2. How do the wizards entertain themselves during the coach ride?
(a) By enjoying the splendid greenery.
(b) By counting the amount of cows they see.
(c) They play I Spy.
(d) They watch a person cutting cabbages.

3. What can you smell a mile off?
(a) An thunderbolt.
(b) The bitterness of defeat.
(c) The odor of an elf.
(d) The sweetness of victory.

4. Why might the horse be a good one?
(a) It is so obedient.
(b) It has a soft coat.
(c) It makes no sound.
(d) It is young.

5. Why is Nanny Ogg surprized to see Magrat at the duel?
(a) Magrat sneaks up on her intentionally.
(b) There was no fanfare.
(c) A queen is not allowed to leave her castle according to the books.
(d) She thought that Magrat would be too pompous to attend.

6. What does a good hunter do?
(a) Waits.
(b) Fears.
(c) Chases.
(d) Listens.

7. Why do real witches wear black?
(a) To seduce common men.
(b) It is romantic.
(c) It is respectable.
(d) To conceal themselves better at night.

8. What is the second witch singing about?
(a) A long lost love.
(b) A hedgehog.
(c) The impending doom of the world.
(d) How great it is to be a witch.

9. What is special about the castle's food elevator?
(a) It keeps ice cream at the perfect temperature.
(b) It is unfathomably fast.
(c) It absorbs the heat out of food.
(d) It is ultra quiet.

10. What appears inside the circle?
(a) A woman in a red dress.
(b) A swarm of bees.
(c) A girl named Esmerelda.
(d) A couple of grasshoppers.

11. What is Verence II considering planting?
(a) Root vegetables.
(b) Clover.
(c) Lentils.
(d) More grains.

12. What gives away the intent of the elves?
(a) Their war like clothes.
(b) The tattoos covering their skin.
(c) Their eyes.
(d) Their beauty.

13. How long does it take Magrat's hair to tangle itself?
(a) Roughly three minutes.
(b) About eight months.
(c) A long winter.
(d) A whole year.

14. How does the archchancellor treat rare species?
(a) He keeps them rare.
(b) He cares little for them.
(c) He protects them with magic.
(d) He likes to keep them as pets.

15. Who is playing the Queen of the Fairies?
(a) Magrat the pre-majesty of Lancre.
(b) Diamanda the witch.
(c) Bestiality Carter.
(d) Jason Ogg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nanny Ogg think of Magrat's wedding date?

2. What almost made Ridcully drop wizardry?

3. Why was life more interesting with the elves around?

4. What is the purpose of a magic circle?

5. How does Granny Weatherwax struggle with bees?

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