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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Merry feel like as he rides with Legolas and Gimli towards Helm's Deep after the parley at Isengard?
(a) Strangely confident.
(b) Little more than baggage.
(c) Lonely without Pippin.
(d) A true companion.

2. How does Sam get through the tower of Cirith Ungol despite the efforts to stop him?
(a) He puts on the Rig and sneaks past.
(b) He kills them with Frodo's sword.
(c) He uses the phial of light from Galadriel.
(d) He promises to share the power and protection that the Ring offers.

3. Why is Denethor angry with Faramir when Faramir explains the event in Ithilien?
(a) Faramir did not accompany Frodo to Mordor.
(b) Faramir allowed Gollum to live.
(c) Faramir did not avenge his brother's death.
(d) Faramir did not steal the Ring when he had the chance.

4. Who does Frodo tell the leader of the band of men in Ithilien has been killed?
(a) Aragorn.
(b) Gandalf.
(c) Boramir.
(d) Legolas.

5. What are Sam's last words in the book?
(a) Things have certainly changed.
(b) Well, I'm back.
(c) I will miss him.
(d) I am a different man now.

Short Answer Questions

1. What scares the great spider away in Shelob's lair?

2. Why does Frodo request what he does from the men as he is escorted away from the waterfall?

3. What does Theoden offer the Wildmen in return for showing him the secret road to Minas Tirith?

4. Who officially gives Aragorn the keys to the city of Minas Tirith?

5. How does Sam restore the trees that were cut down while he was away with Frodo?

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