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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the monster in the water outside the doors of Moria attack first?
(a) Frodo.
(b) Bill.
(c) Aragorn
(d) Gandalf.

2. Who does Gandalf arrange for Bilbo to travel with after his big birthday party?
(a) A warm hearted ranger.
(b) A camp of elves.
(c) A brown Wizard.
(d) 3 Dwarves.

3. How does Frodo escape when Boramir tries to steal the Ring from him?
(a) He runs and hides with his elven cloak.
(b) He promises to give it to Boramir when they reach Mordor.
(c) He puts on the ring and vanishes from sight.
(d) He begins to cry, and Boramir feels instant remorse.

4. What makes the pool of Keled-zaram so unusual?
(a) It is pure water with healing powers.
(b) It is filled with blood.
(c) It mirrors the mountains and stars even in the sunlight.
(d) It is a burial ground for Dwarf warriors.

5. Who does Frodo see climbing the tree they are sleeping in at Lothlorien?
(a) A Balrog.
(b) A mysterious elf.
(c) Orcs.
(d) Gollum.

Short Answer Questions

1. What mysterious force are the orcs using to make holes in the walls of the fortress?

2. What is Frodo's greatest hope, according to the White wizard?

3. What does Aragorn choose to do when he sees that Frodo and Sam have taken one of the boats?

4. What is Frodo doing when he accidentally puts on the Ring and vanishes from sight?

5. Who was imprisoned with Saruman after Isengard was detroyed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Pippin volunteer to serve Denethor when he is brought to the Stewards Hall at Minas Tirith?

2. Who are Tinuviel and Beren from Aragorn's story?

3. How was Boramir killed?

4. What is the name of the entrance to Mordor that Gollum leads Sam and Frodo to?

5. What does Gandalf do with the Ring after Frodo shows Gandalf that he has kept it safe?

6. How do Frodo and Sam find out that Gollum is probably following them through Mordor as they journey towards Mount Doom?

7. What does Gimli think of the trees in the forest that the companionship travel through to get to Isengard after the battle at Helm's Deep?

8. As Gandalf and the hobbits approach the Shire, who does Gandalf decide to spend some time with?

9. What is the elven name for the waybread given to the companions for their journey as they leave Lothlorien?

10. Who is the first person that Frodo sees when he awakens in Rivendell after his ride with Glorfindel?

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