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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Frodo choose to continue his journey alone?
(a) He saw himself travelling alone in Galadriel's mirror.
(b) He wants the ring for himself.
(c) He knows that the Ring poses too much danger to his friends.
(d) He is afraid of Boramir.

2. Who destroyed Isengard?
(a) The army of Rohan.
(b) The Ents.
(c) The orcs.
(d) The army of Mordor.

3. What is Frodo's greatest hope, according to the White wizard?
(a) The Ring is losing its power.
(b) Sauran thinks Frodo is with Aragorn.
(c) Frodo is so small that he will not fall in the path of the great eye.
(d) Sauran has emtpied Mordor to attack Minas Tirith.

4. How does Merry respond when he hears of what the other hobbits have experienced before meeting him?
(a) He is disappointed about missing the action.
(b) He is afraid that there may be more danger involved now that he has joined them.
(c) He is excited to show his bravery during the next trial they will face.
(d) He is happy to have avoided harm.

5. How did Gollum gain possession of the ring long ago?
(a) He stole it from Isildur.
(b) He found it in the road one day.
(c) It was given to him by a strange family friend.
(d) He killed his friend to gain possession of it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gandalf use to break Saruman's staff?

2. What happens when Tom puts on the Ring?

3. Who does the monster in the water outside the doors of Moria attack first?

4. How many doors are there for Gandalf to choose from when he becomes stumped while traveling through Moria?

5. What do the hobbits wake to after taking a nap in the Burrow Downs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the Nazgul spreading among Gandalf's army as they stand at the Black Gates?

2. What is the crown of the beheaded king's statue made of?

3. What does Aragorn do to let Sauron know that the true heir of the Gondor throne has returned?

4. Why does Denethor send his son into an almost suicidal battle at Osgiliath?

5. What is the elven name for the waybread given to the companions for their journey as they leave Lothlorien?

6. How old are the Ents, according to TreeBeard?

7. Why is Frodo so afraid of Farmer Maggot when they approach his house in order to find a hiding place from the Black Riders?

8. How does Sam get past the Silent Watchers in Cirith Ungol?

9. What is the name of the leader of the Eagles?

10. What do Sam and Frodo do when they finally get to a path that heads straight towards Mount Doom instead of paths that cross through Orc army camps?

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