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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Denethor trying to do that Gandalf is determined to stop during the battle at Minas Tirith?
(a) Leak intelligence to the enemy.
(b) Kill the next-in-line to the throne.
(c) Burn himself and his dying son.
(d) Tell the soldiers that there is no hope.

2. What does Sam call Gollum when he wakes up at the top of the stairs that rids Gollum of all the good feelings he had?
(a) All that is wrong with the world.
(b) A thief.
(c) A sneak and a villain.
(d) An image of heartless greed.

3. What does Merry feel like as he rides with Legolas and Gimli towards Helm's Deep after the parley at Isengard?
(a) Lonely without Pippin.
(b) Strangely confident.
(c) A true companion.
(d) Little more than baggage.

4. What does Gandalf do when he sees the beheaded statue of the king as they are leaving Minas Tirith?
(a) Creates a new head as a tribute to Theoden.
(b) Smashes the whole thing.
(c) Restores the head.
(d) Creates a new statue of Aragorn.

5. Who has 'imprisoned' Eowyn and Faramir in the House of Healing during the battle at Mordor?
(a) The medical staff.
(b) Eomer.
(c) Gandalf and Aragorn.
(d) Merry and Pippin.

6. What is every man in Bree carrying when the hobbits pass through on their way back to the Shire?
(a) Swords.
(b) Bottles of ale.
(c) Pipeweed.
(d) Clubs.

7. What does Sam hear in the bushes after he cooks the two rabbits?
(a) Gollum arguing with Smeagol.
(b) An imitated bird-call.
(c) Frodo crying.
(d) The forest burning.

8. What causes Eomer to fight fiercely with no thought for his own safety?
(a) Heckling from an Orc leader.
(b) The sight of Theoden and Eowyn dead.
(c) Some encouraging words from Gandalf.
(d) The sight of little Merry fighting bravely.

9. What do Frodo and Sam just barely escape the notice of on the bridge to Minas Morgul.
(a) Faramir's men.
(b) A ringwraithe and an army of orcs.
(c) A troop of Mordor men on Oliphants.
(d) A host of evil ghosts returning to Mordor.

10. Who does Pippin share his room with during his stay at Minas Tirith?
(a) Beregond.
(b) Denethor.
(c) Gandalf.
(d) Bergil.

11. What signal is brought to Theoden that means Gondor is in dire need?
(a) A blood soaked letter from Denethol.
(b) A message from Gandalf sent by an eagle.
(c) A flaming signal.
(d) A red arrow.

12. Who is following Sam and Frodo as they are journeying towards Mordor?
(a) An orc spy.
(b) A Ring Wraith.
(c) An evil spirit.
(d) Gollum.

13. What does Dernhelm do as Theoden's army gets closer to the battle at Minas Tirith?
(a) Recites memorized prayer over and over.
(b) Encourages the other men to never lose faith.
(c) Moves to the back of the line and runs away.
(d) Gets closer to Theoden.

14. Who saves Sam and Frodo from a fiery death on Mount Doom?
(a) Gandalf.
(b) A Nazgul.
(c) Gollum.
(d) The eagles.

15. Who is the leader of the band of men who apprehend Sam and Frodo by their campfire in Ithilien?
(a) Bonamir.
(b) Danamir.
(c) Fanamir.
(d) Faramir.

Short Answer Questions

1. What passes by Sam and Frodo as they are travellng to Mordor that causes them to hide by a bush?

2. Why are the men of Gondor worried when Gandalf rides past them with Pippin on his way to Minas Tirith?

3. What is on the head of the statue of a king that Frodo and Sam see as they journey to the less traveled path to Mordor?

4. Why does Faramir not take the Ring when he finds out what it is?

5. Why is Merry so upset when Theoden and his army head off to battle?

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