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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Boramir come to Rivendell to find out about the ring?
(a) He wants to prove his valor as a future king of Gondor.
(b) He and his brother had a dream about the sword of Isildur.
(c) His kingdom is failing, and he needs power.
(d) He is estranged from his father, and ran there for sanctuary.

2. What does Gandalf do when he is rebuked by Theodyn as they enter his hall?
(a) He bows down in respect.
(b) He heals the king.
(c) He rebukes him right back.
(d) He smites Wormtongue.

3. Who saves Eomer from the orc pretending to be dead?
(a) Gandalf.
(b) Legolas.
(c) Gimli.
(d) Aragorn.

4. What does Frodo find that the elves left for him the first morning of his journey with the ring? ?
(a) An intricate piece of jewelery.
(b) A map.
(c) Some food.
(d) Some weapons.

5. How many doors are there for Gandalf to choose from when he becomes stumped while traveling through Moria?
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) 10

6. What does Gimli do when Eomer speaks harshly against Galadriel?
(a) Stays silent out of fear.
(b) Threatens Eomer with his axe.
(c) Agrees with him wholeheartedly.
(d) Defends her honor and her name.

7. Why are the hobbits not able to leave as early as they had planned the morning after their stay at the Prancing Pony?
(a) Pippen is hungover from drinking.
(b) Their ponies have been stolen.
(c) Merry is still unconscious from his run-in with a Black Rider.
(d) They are trying to hide from Bill Ferny.

8. What does Barliman give Frodo that he was supposed to have received months earlier?
(a) A letter from Gandalf.
(b) Some weapons from the elves.
(c) A pint of mead from Moria.
(d) Instructions from Bilbo.

9. Who does Gandalf arrange for Bilbo to travel with after his big birthday party?
(a) A warm hearted ranger.
(b) A brown Wizard.
(c) 3 Dwarves.
(d) A camp of elves.

10. What sends 3 of the 5 Black Riders away as Frodo and Glorfindel are rushing to Rivendell?
(a) An elven spell.
(b) A dragon.
(c) Aragorn.
(d) The river.

11. What do the hobbits wake to after taking a nap in the Burrow Downs?
(a) Their baggage has been stolen.
(b) They are in the middle of a deep fog.
(c) They are sinking in a mud pit.
(d) They are being followed by many tiny creatures.

12. Where does Frodo decide to go with the ring after being hounded by Gandalf to leave the Shire?
(a) Lorien with the Sorcerers.
(b) Moria with the Dwarves.
(c) Rivendell with the Elves.
(d) Rohan with the Horsemen.

13. What is Frodo doing when he accidentally puts on the Ring and vanishes from sight?
(a) Singing and dancing on a table.
(b) Speaking to the bartender of the Prancing Pony.
(c) Rushing to tell Pippen to be quiet.
(d) Trying to hide from Strider.

14. Who is the first to offer to take the ring to be destroyed, but is refused?
(a) Bilbo.
(b) Sam.
(c) Boromir.
(d) Frodo.

15. Who does Aragor find in Fangorn forest when they follow the tracks of Merry and Pippin?
(a) Treebeard.
(b) Gandalf the White.
(c) Saruman the White.
(d) Merry and Pippin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gandalf use to break Saruman's staff?

2. How does Frodo escape when Boramir tries to steal the Ring from him?

3. Where do Merry and Pippin run when they are freed of their ropes as the Rohirram begin attacking the Orcs?

4. What is the 'log with eyes' that Sam sees one night while traveling down the river away from Lothlorien?

5. Who does Gandalf give the history of Balin to for safekeeping?

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