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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Strider say is the cost of his information when Frodo questions him in the Prancing Pony?
(a) That they split with him the gifts they will get at Rivendell.
(b) That they promise to not tell Gandalf he was there.
(c) That they allow him to wear the ring while at the Prancing Pony.
(d) That they let him be their guide.

2. Who was imprisoned with Saruman after Isengard was detroyed?
(a) A traitor Rohan Rider.
(b) A watchguard of elves.
(c) Wormtongue.
(d) The head Orc.

3. What happens to the knife that stabbed Frodo when Aragorn picks it up?
(a) It disintegrates.
(b) It becomes freezing cold.
(c) It cuts his finger.
(d) It becomes hot and burns him.

4. Who does Frodo find in his room at the Prancing Pony as he stirs his fire back to life?
(a) A Dark Rider.
(b) Gandalf.
(c) Strider.
(d) Bilbo.

5. What did Merry do to several orcs without any of them trying to hurt him and Pippin?
(a) Praised Boramir.
(b) Cut off their hands.
(c) Insulted them.
(d) Threw stones at them.

6. What does Gandalf use to break Saruman's staff?
(a) A word.
(b) His hands.
(c) A sword.
(d) His Staff.

7. What gift does Bilbo give Frodo before Frodo sets out on his mission to destroy the Ring?
(a) An unbreakable chain to put the ring on.
(b) A set of clothing that can render him invisible.
(c) A sword and a shirt of mail.
(d) A finished copy of his memiors.

8. Where does Frodo decide to go with the ring after being hounded by Gandalf to leave the Shire?
(a) Rohan with the Horsemen.
(b) Lorien with the Sorcerers.
(c) Rivendell with the Elves.
(d) Moria with the Dwarves.

9. Who does Gandalf arrange for Bilbo to travel with after his big birthday party?
(a) A brown Wizard.
(b) 3 Dwarves.
(c) A warm hearted ranger.
(d) A camp of elves.

10. What does Barliman give Frodo that he was supposed to have received months earlier?
(a) Instructions from Bilbo.
(b) A pint of mead from Moria.
(c) A letter from Gandalf.
(d) Some weapons from the elves.

11. What does Gimli promise to do for Legolas as they ride through the forest towards Isengard?
(a) Be a life-long friend.
(b) Die by his side in battle if necessary.
(c) Share the spoils of the next victory.
(d) Take him on a tour of his home caves.

12. Why did Boramir come to Rivendell to find out about the ring?
(a) His kingdom is failing, and he needs power.
(b) He is estranged from his father, and ran there for sanctuary.
(c) He and his brother had a dream about the sword of Isildur.
(d) He wants to prove his valor as a future king of Gondor.

13. What news does Legolas share during the council of the ring that is upsetting to Gandalf?
(a) The elves will have nothing to do with the evil ring and its fate.
(b) Sauron knows where the ring is.
(c) A Ringwraith has been spotted near Rivendell.
(d) Gollum has escaped.

14. Who does Aragor find in Fangorn forest when they follow the tracks of Merry and Pippin?
(a) Merry and Pippin.
(b) Saruman the White.
(c) Gandalf the White.
(d) Treebeard.

15. Who does Gandalf give the history of Balin to for safekeeping?
(a) Elrond.
(b) Legolas.
(c) Gimli.
(d) Aragorn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the 'log with eyes' that Sam sees one night while traveling down the river away from Lothlorien?

2. How does Frodo escape when Boramir tries to steal the Ring from him?

3. How does Fatty escape from the Black Riders when they come to the shire to find Frodo?

4. Where did Saruman run when Isengard was being attacked?

5. What do the hobbits wake to after taking a nap in the Burrow Downs?

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