The Lord of the Rings Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why are the hobbits all so excited to see Gandalf arrive for Bilbo's party?

The hobbits are excited to see Gandalf, because his fireworks are legendary and make any party more exciting.

2. What does Gandalf do with the Ring after Frodo shows Gandalf that he has kept it safe?

Gandalf throws the Ring in the fire when Frodo hands it to him.

3. Why is Frodo so afraid of Farmer Maggot when they approach his house in order to find a hiding place from the Black Riders?

Frodo is afraid of Farmer Maggot, because he has vicious dogs, and Farmer Maggot has hated him in the past for stealing food from his crop.

4. What is Merry and Pippin's reaction to the news that Frodo and Sam are leaving the Shire?

Merry and Pippin are not at all surprised that Sam and Frodo are leaving the Shire, and have already made arrangements to go with them.

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