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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6, Chapter 6 | Book 6, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Treebeard's motto?
(a) The good will cherish nature.
(b) Thinking takes time.
(c) Do not be hasty.
(d) Trust the small and hate the large.

2. Where does Gandalf advise Theoden to go before he leaves them on an urgent errand?
(a) Helm's Deep.
(b) Isengard.
(c) Minas Tirith.
(d) Gondor.

3. What does Gandalf do when he sees the beheaded statue of the king as they are leaving Minas Tirith?
(a) Creates a new head as a tribute to Theoden.
(b) Restores the head.
(c) Creates a new statue of Aragorn.
(d) Smashes the whole thing.

4. Where did Saruman run when Isengard was being attacked?
(a) The abyss of the earth.
(b) Towards the path to Mordor.
(c) The Main turret castle of Isengard.
(d) The tower of Orthnac.

5. What is every man in Bree carrying when the hobbits pass through on their way back to the Shire?
(a) Clubs.
(b) Pipeweed.
(c) Swords.
(d) Bottles of ale.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much time passes between the first and second chapters of the book?

2. Where does Frodo decide to go with the ring after being hounded by Gandalf to leave the Shire?

3. What pulls Gandalf down into the abyss with the Balrog?

4. What does Frodo find that the elves left for him the first morning of his journey with the ring? ?

5. What does Gimli do when Eomer speaks harshly against Galadriel?

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