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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5, Chapter 6 | Book 5, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happen to Pppin when he looks into the Seeing Stone from Orthnac?
(a) He falls down dead.
(b) He cries out in pain.
(c) He sees Sauran's plan.
(d) He is stricken blind.

2. What do the Black Riders look like when Frodo is wearing the Ring?
(a) Rotten, shriveling corpses.
(b) Tall, ghostly, shimmering kings.
(c) Black and inky.
(d) Full of worms and spiders.

3. How much time passes between the first and second chapters of the book?
(a) 7 Days.
(b) 7 Months.
(c) 17 Years.
(d) 7 Years.

4. What causes Galadriel to refuse the Ring when Frodo offers to give it to her?
(a) She has seen a vision of Frodo destroying the ring himself.
(b) She already has one of the rings, and knows she cannot control the power of two.
(c) She fears her husband would kill her to gain the Ring for himself.
(d) She sees what the future would be like if she did.

5. Who does Frodo tell the leader of the band of men in Ithilien has been killed?
(a) Legolas.
(b) Gandalf.
(c) Aragorn.
(d) Boramir.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the fellowship member who were at Isengard ride after the parley with Saruman?

2. Why is Merry so upset when Theoden and his army head off to battle?

3. What does Aragorn choose to do when he sees that Frodo and Sam have taken one of the boats?

4. What are the last words written in the history book that Gandalf finds in the tomb of Balin?

5. What is Galadriel's gift to Sam?

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