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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 8 | Book 4, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Gollum gain possession of the ring long ago?
(a) He killed his friend to gain possession of it.
(b) It was given to him by a strange family friend.
(c) He stole it from Isildur.
(d) He found it in the road one day.

2. How is Saruman a traitor to Sauran?
(a) He is preparing an army with the power of Mordor to attack Mordor.
(b) He plans to fight with Aragorn against Sauran.
(c) He plans to take the ring for himself.
(d) He is trying to create a ring more pwerful that the One Ring.

3. What has Faramir been ordered to do with all trespassers on Gondor soil?
(a) Question them intensely.
(b) Escort them to the border.
(c) Blindfold them and take them to the court.
(d) Kill them.

4. What do the elves do to protect the hobbits when they find them wandering in the woods?
(a) They give them weapons to fight the dark riders with.
(b) They show the hobbits a hall made of trees.
(c) They offer an escort to get them to their destination.
(d) They cast an enchantment of safety over them.

5. Why do Sam and Frodo choose to not enter through the main entrance to Mordor?
(a) Frodo is not ready to give the ring back.
(b) They are captured.
(c) It is too heavily guarded.
(d) Sam falls ill and is unable to continue at the present.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does Bilbo give Frodo before Frodo sets out on his mission to destroy the Ring?

2. Why does Aragorn decide to travel on boats down the river when they leave Lothlorien?

3. What do Frodo and Sam find at the exit of Shelob's lair?

4. Why does Frodo choose to continue his journey alone?

5. What does Aragorn find in Weathertop that lets him know that Gandalf was there recently?

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