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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 8 | Book 4, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Frodo escape when Boramir tries to steal the Ring from him?
(a) He runs and hides with his elven cloak.
(b) He begins to cry, and Boramir feels instant remorse.
(c) He promises to give it to Boramir when they reach Mordor.
(d) He puts on the ring and vanishes from sight.

2. Why are the hobbits not able to leave Tom's house the morning after Tom finds and takes them in?
(a) Sam is very sick after sampling some of Goldberry's wine.
(b) It is raining too hard for them to leave.
(c) They have run out of food.
(d) Merry is still suffering from the injury he received from the Willow.

3. Who does Frodo find in his room at the Prancing Pony as he stirs his fire back to life?
(a) Gandalf.
(b) A Dark Rider.
(c) Bilbo.
(d) Strider.

4. Why was Gandalf late to see Frodo on his journey?
(a) He had other pressing matters to attend to.
(b) He was held captive.
(c) He was angry at Frodo for his lack of response to a letter.
(d) He simply forgot the details of his promise.

5. What is Gollum doing in the pool by the waterfall when Faramir sees him?
(a) Catching fish.
(b) Bathing.
(c) Plotting to kill Frodo.
(d) Singing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What attacks the fellowship the night before they plan to head to Moria?

2. What does Wormtongue throw down at Gandalf during the parley with Saruman?

3. Who does the leader of the band of men in Ithilien tell Frodo has been killed?

4. What does Sam call Gollum when he wakes up at the top of the stairs that rids Gollum of all the good feelings he had?

5. Why does Frodo have to save Sam before he can head out alone?

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