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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 3 | Book 2, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says they will be part of the companionship of the ring, or be sent home in sacks?
(a) Merry and Pippen.
(b) Bilbo and Fatty.
(c) Aragor and Arwen.
(d) Boromir and Faramir.

2. What news does Legolas share during the council of the ring that is upsetting to Gandalf?
(a) A Ringwraith has been spotted near Rivendell.
(b) Sauron knows where the ring is.
(c) The elves will have nothing to do with the evil ring and its fate.
(d) Gollum has escaped.

3. What do the elves do to protect the hobbits when they find them wandering in the woods?
(a) They give them weapons to fight the dark riders with.
(b) They cast an enchantment of safety over them.
(c) They offer an escort to get them to their destination.
(d) They show the hobbits a hall made of trees.

4. What do the Black Riders look like when Frodo is wearing the Ring?
(a) Rotten, shriveling corpses.
(b) Full of worms and spiders.
(c) Black and inky.
(d) Tall, ghostly, shimmering kings.

5. Who is conspicuously absent from the feast at Rivendell after Frodo wakes up?
(a) Arwen.
(b) Elrond.
(c) Aragorn.
(d) Pippen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name is Frodo using to conceal his identity when they enter Bree?

2. Why are the hobbits not able to leave Tom's house the morning after Tom finds and takes them in?

3. What does Fatty plan to do when Frodo has left the shire?

4. Who does the monster in the water outside the doors of Moria attack first?

5. Where does Frodo decide to go with the ring after being hounded by Gandalf to leave the Shire?

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