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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5, Chapter 8 | Book 5, Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Gandalf advise Theoden to go before he leaves them on an urgent errand?
(a) Helm's Deep.
(b) Gondor.
(c) Minas Tirith.
(d) Isengard.

2. What does Pippin use to cut the ropes he and Merry are bound with?
(a) The helmet of the Orc who is carrying him.
(b) The sword of a fallen Orc.
(c) The broach from his elven cloak.
(d) His teeth.

3. What does Faramir say when he hears of the route Frodo plans to take to get to Mordor?
(a) That there are many unknown terrors along that route.
(b) That Frodo should choose any other route.
(c) That he agrees that it is the safest route.
(d) That he has never heard of it.

4. What is Treebeard's motto?
(a) The good will cherish nature.
(b) Do not be hasty.
(c) Trust the small and hate the large.
(d) Thinking takes time.

5. Who does Frodo find in his room at the Prancing Pony as he stirs his fire back to life?
(a) Strider.
(b) A Dark Rider.
(c) Bilbo.
(d) Gandalf.

Short Answer Questions

1. What attacks the fellowship the night before they plan to head to Moria?

2. What name is Frodo using to conceal his identity when they enter Bree?

3. What does Galadriel do when she meets Gimli that makes him so happy?

4. Why are the hobbits not able to leave as early as they had planned the morning after their stay at the Prancing Pony?

5. What is Galadriel's gift to Sam?

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