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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 2 | Book 4, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Bilbo give Frodo before Frodo sets out on his mission to destroy the Ring?
(a) An unbreakable chain to put the ring on.
(b) A finished copy of his memiors.
(c) A sword and a shirt of mail.
(d) A set of clothing that can render him invisible.

2. What is the 'log with eyes' that Sam sees one night while traveling down the river away from Lothlorien?
(a) Gollum.
(b) Protection from the elves.
(c) Orc spies.
(d) A crocadilly.

3. Why does Frodo have to save Sam before he can head out alone?
(a) Sam is his best friend.
(b) He knows that he can trust Sam to not try to take the Ring.
(c) Sam is drowning.
(d) He is afraid to be alone.

4. Why does Frodo choose to continue his journey alone?
(a) He is afraid of Boramir.
(b) He knows that the Ring poses too much danger to his friends.
(c) He saw himself travelling alone in Galadriel's mirror.
(d) He wants the ring for himself.

5. What does Barliman give Frodo that he was supposed to have received months earlier?
(a) Instructions from Bilbo.
(b) A pint of mead from Moria.
(c) A letter from Gandalf.
(d) Some weapons from the elves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name is Frodo using to conceal his identity when they enter Bree?

2. What does Strider say is the cost of his information when Frodo questions him in the Prancing Pony?

3. Why do Sam and Frodo choose to not enter through the main entrance to Mordor?

4. What ties Gollum so strongly to Frodo while he has the Ring?

5. What attacks the fellowship the night before they plan to head to Moria?

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