The Lord of the Rings Character Descriptions

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Aragorn - The last descendant of the kings of the west, this character was raised in Rivendell, and is the last secret hope of his people.

Arwen - This character is a half-elf who will renounce immortality for the love of a mortal.

Bilbo Baggins - A Hobbit who accompanies a group of dwarves on an attempt to kill a dragon and reclaim their home and treasure.

Frodo Baggins - Attempting to protect the Shire and the people there, this character and three companions flee with the ring while being pursued.

Balin - One of the dwarf companions, this character goes to restore the ancient Dwarf kingdom of Moria and is killed by Orcs.

Beregond - This character is one of the Guards of the Citadel, and his trial is one of The High King's first acts as the newly crowned king of Gondor, shifting from...

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