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• The story begins with Bilbo Baggins and his upcoming one hundred eleventh-birthday party. Bilbo has not aged at all in 61 years, and many people notice and wonder about this.

• Gandalf the wizard arrives, much to the excitement of the hobbits in The Shire. This is because he is carrying a cartload of fireworks for the party.

• Bilbo makes a speech thanking everyone for coming, almost immediately followed by the announcement that he is leaving. Then, there is a sudden flash of light, and Bilbo disappears.

• After Bilbo's vanishing act, Gandalf meets Bilbo back at his home. Bilbo is preparing to leave, and, as he does, Gandalf reminds him to leave the ring to Frodo.

• Frodo arrives at Bilbo's house too late to say goodbye, and Gandalf tells Frodo that Bilbo left his ring for him, in addition to his house and all...

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