Objects & Places from Lord of Misrule

Jaimy Gordon
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Hot-Walking Machine

Medicine Ed believes that this object represents the lost soul of Indian Mound Downs. He indicates how it blocks the back entrance of the racetrack keeping anyone from leaving through the gate.


This object that Zeno lets Medicine Ed keep at the racetrack is a symbol of Ed’s home and the good life he has with Zeno.

Goofer Dust

This substance symbolically represents Medicine Ed’s voodoo background. It is used to make a horse win a race but the horse will never race again.

Blue Car

This object represents Joe Dale Biggs and foreshadows trouble when it appears.

Black Bow Tie

This symbol associated with Rudy Samuels is worn out of respect for Lillian.

Red Flannel Bag

This symbol in the novel represents Medicine Ed’s attempt to protect himself from the trouble that he believes is coming.

Bowling Club Stick Pin


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