Daily Lessons for Teaching Lord of Misrule

Jaimy Gordon
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Lesson 1 (from First Race, Chapter 1)


Lord of Misrule is a National Book Award-winning novel by American author Jaimy Gordon. Set at the Indian Mound Downs racetrack in West Virginia, the novel follows the lives of several characters, each trying to make a big win in the horse races. In Chapter 1, the reader is first introduced to Medicine Ed, a 72-year-old black man who works as a groom in the stables for horse owner Gus Zeno. Objectives for this lesson include researching author Jaimy Gordon and analyzing and discussing the setting, narrative style, language style, and tone established in Chapter 1.


Research Activity: Conduct research on author Jaimy Gordon and the publication of Lord of Misrule. How did critics respond to the novel? What awards has the novel won? What are common themes in the works of Jaimy Gordon? Complete a brief essay detailing your findings.

Group Assignment: Assign students to groups...

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