Lord of Misrule Character Descriptions

Jaimy Gordon
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Medicine Ed

This character is the elderly black groom who works at Indian Mound Downs when the novel begins. He is characterized by language and dialogue in which words are often mispronounced and grammar is used incorrectly.

Tommy Hansel

This character is a young man who is new to the horse racing business. He hopes to be able to win big money at Indian Mound Downs so he can help bail his stables out of debt. Throughout the course of the novel, he gradually descends into insanity and becomes obsessed with his horse.

Rudy “Two-Tie” Samuels

This character is an elderly gangster type who has spent his life working the horse races. He has been banned from the tracks but still keeps involved in what is going on at the races by holding poker games at his home.

Joe Dale Biggs

This character is the leading trainer at Indian...

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