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Short Answer Questions

1. Who greets Rand at the palace in Caemlyn?

2. Who is hanging in the courtyard when Niall leads Morgase to his office?

3. Who lets Rand's rescuers know when they are close to Rand?

4. Why does Aviendha owe Elayne toh?

5. What happens to Min and Rand's relationship while they are in Cairhien?

Short Essay Questions

1. What system does Rand put into place at Taim's school and how do you think the "students" will react to it?

2. How do the Shaido Aiel again prove their lack of honor?

3. In literary terms, what would you label Chapter 51 and how do you think the events of this chapter will affect Rand?

4. Why is Egwene so formally summoned to Salidar and what is her reaction?

5. What is Faile's response to Berelain flirting with Perrin and is this fair to Perrin?

6. What is Mat debating in his head and how is this a bit comic?

7. How do you think Mat responds to seeing (and then believing) Egwene is the Amryrlin seat of the "Little Tower" at Salidar?

8. What happens when Egwene is finally allowed back into Tel'aran'hroid and what is her response to the situation?

9. What does Min run to tell Rand and how does he handle the situation?

10. Describe the force that gathers to rescue Rand.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elayne is one of the three women that Min saw in Rand's future, along with herself. The third is the Aiel woman, Aviendha. Discuss the following:

Why do you think Jordan has Rand involved (eventually) with three women?

Does Rand's involvement with three women throughout the series add or subtract from the main story? Explain your reasoning.

Do you think it is believable that the three women are willing to share Rand's affections? Why or why not?

When Aviendha confesses her "indiscretion" with Rand and suggests they both marry Rand, Elayne explains she believes in monogamy. Is there any way out of this cultural difference between the two women?

Essay Topic 2

Alanna "bonds" Rand, an action which infuriates him. Discuss the following:

What does it mean when an Aes Sedai "bonds" someone?

How long does a bond last? Can someone get rid of a bond once it is in place?

What are the advantages of bonding? The disadvantages?

Essay Topic 3

The concept of honor is important to many of the cultures and characters in Jordan's Wheel of Time series. One people, the Aiel, have a very complicated system based on honor, the violation of which entails "toh." Discuss the following:

Describe the Aiel system of honor and the concept of toh. How does Egwene satisfy the toh she owes the Wise Ones before leaving for Salidar? What does Aviendha want Elayne to do in order to satisfy Aviendha's toh to Elayne?

Besides the Aiel, who else in LORD OF CHAOS values his/her honor? Why? Give examples.

Why do you think honor is such an important concept in LORD OF CHAOS? The Whitecloaks often violate their honor when they should value it greatly--such as how they are treating Queen Morgase. How do they violate the concept of honor? Give examples and discuss fully.

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