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1. What information does Demandred relate to the Dark One and what do you think the Dark One means by his reply?

Demandred, one of the Thirteen Forsaken who serve as Agents of the Dark One, visits the Dark Lord at Shayol Ghul. Demandred relates the news from the last book -- Asmodean disappeared; Rahvin dead; Lanfear apparently dead, and Moghedien disappeared. Demandred receives orders, including the cryptic phrase "Let the Lord of Chaos rule." I think the Lord of Chaos is actually Rand A'Thor because it seems where ever he goes, chaos follows, partly because he's ta'veren and also because of his decisions that shakes things up. The Dark One probably believes Rand is weakening the world who would oppose the Dark One, so he is letting Rand have a free rein right now.

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