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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29 through 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aviendha do for which she is ashamed?
(a) Sleeps with Rand.
(b) Slaps Elayne for no good reason.
(c) Is disobedient to a Wise One.
(d) Is angry with Min for no good reason.

2. Over what does Aviendha agonize?
(a) Whether Rand will love her more than Elayne.
(b) If Min is going to steal Rand from her.
(c) The toh she believes she owes Elayne.
(d) If the Wise Ones will let her take up the spear in the Last Battle.

3. Who is accompanying Nynaeve as she prepares to leave Salidar?
(a) Juilin.
(b) Brigitte.
(c) Thom.
(d) Lan.

4. What are the tower Aes Sedai planning?
(a) To capture Rand.
(b) To offer Rand their allegiance.
(c) To ask Rand his intentions regarding Andor.
(d) To still Rand.

5. What is the Aes Sedai's response to the healing?
(a) Disbelief from most of them.
(b) Curiosity.
(c) Joy.
(d) Anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who instigated a fight which Mat ends?

2. Where will Morgase be until Niall decides to ride into Andor?

3. How many sisters does it take to still a man who can channel?

4. What does Rand do to the Waygate at Shador Logoth?

5. What are Elayne and Nynaeve teaching the Aes Sedai in Salidar?

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