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Prologue, and Chapters 1 through 4

• Demandred reports to the Dark One about the status of each of the Forsaken.

• Nynaeve is trying to learn how to reverse a stilling and in her anger tells Elayne about the emissary of Aes Sedei going to Rand.

• Queen Morgase is being held a virtual prisoner by Pedron Niall who is trying coerce her into an alliance.
• The Shaido and White Tower agree to an alliance to capture Rand.

• Mazrim Taim visist Rand and Rand asks that Taim teach Rand and that Taim conduct a school in Andor for men who can channel.

• Rand meets with the armies of Tear and discusses strategy for conquering Illian. Rand is waiting for Mat to arrive before invading Illian.

Chapters 5 through 10

• Mat is in Maerone with his 6,000 strong Band of the Red Hand.

• Mat instructs the leaders of his Band to prepare to move south for...

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