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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leaves the Chateau with Hornblower?
(a) No one, he leaves alone.
(b) Vicomtesse de Graçay.
(c) The Comte de Graçay, Vicomtesse de Graçay, Brown, Annette.
(d) Brown.

2. What does Hornblower demand of the Mayor of Rouen?
(a) Quit and leave town.
(b) Pay ransom for his town.
(c) Help set a trap for Bonaparte.
(d) Declare the town for King Louis.

3. How does Hornblower know the Comte de Graçay?
(a) He is a spy who Hornblower has dealings with before.
(b) He is a prisoner Hornblower captures then ransoms.
(c) He is a friend who shelters Hornblower when he is a fugitive.
(d) He is a good friend of Lord St. Vincent.

4. What news arrives to make Hornblower's plan for the militia an almost guaranteed success?
(a) The French abandon Rouen.
(b) Wellington sends reinforcements.
(c) The locals are going to fight with them.
(d) There are only half the number of enemy soldiers as first estimated.

5. Why does Hornblower not stay in England as expected?
(a) He wants to introduce Richard to the sea, now that it is safer.
(b) He wants to grab more prize money before the war ends.
(c) He wants to join Barbara in Vienna.
(d) He wants to be with Marie la Vicomtesse de Graçay again.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Hornblower recognized for his services?

2. At the Duke's banquet and reception, what does Hornblower do that ruins the night for his wife?

3. Why is Hornblower particularly upset with the news about Captain Bush?

4. What does Hornblower plan to do with the Duke d'Angoulême?

5. What news does Colonel Dobbs pass onto Hornblower during the visit by the French royal at Le Havre?

Short Essay Questions

1. Two important historical events follow soon after Hornblower's capture of Rouen. What are they? Why are they significant?

2. What does Hornblower plan to do with the militia sent to bolster Le Havre's defenses? Why?

3. In the end, no fighting is necessary at Rouen, why?

4. What does Hornblower note about the church service he accompanies the Duke d'Angoulême to? Why is this significant?

5. What does Hornblower find in Nevers?

6. What does the Mayor of Le Havre do when he meets Hornblower? Why is this significant?

7. Why is Hornblower conflicted about going back to France?

8. What does Napoleon's troops do to further decimate the morale and number of the Comte and his followers? Why?

9. What does Hornblower come to realize about his wife and himself?

10. With the wars end, what decision does Barbara make that puts a further strain on her relationship with Hornblower?

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