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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hornblower and the group try to do to evade capture after being cornered by Napoleon's troops?
(a) Swim downriver.
(b) Find a boat to cross the river.
(c) Hide themselves in an abandoned farmhouse.
(d) Disguise themselves as French soldiers.

2. What does Hornblower read in the newspaper from England?
(a) An account of his actions with the Flame.
(b) Lieutenant Chadwick is exiled to Jamaica.
(c) Napoleon is assembling troops to attack Leipzig.
(d) A gossip column piece, insinuating his wife is having an affair.

3. What happens when Hornblower arrives at Rouen?
(a) He is captured.
(b) He has to fight a duel.
(c) He meets with no resistance.
(d) He has to retreat due to superior force.

4. To whom do the placards' promises not extend?
(a) Only the Comte de Graçay, and Marie.
(b) Only Hornblower.
(c) Only the Comte de Graçay.
(d) Hornblower, Brown, the Comte de Graçay, and Marie.

5. Who is the VIP soon to arrive at Le Havre?
(a) A French nobleman, the Comte d'Artois.
(b) A French prince, the Duke d'Angoulême.
(c) A French princess, Thérèse Marie.
(d) The Prince Regent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What saves Hornblower, the Comte, and Brown from execution?

2. Who leaves the Chateau with Hornblower?

3. Where do they hold the Congress to decide the fate of post-war Europe?

4. What is Marie la Vicomtesse de Graçay's relationship to the Comte de Graçay?

5. What does Hornblower think of Brown's plans?

Short Essay Questions

1. On the evening of Brown's marriage to his sweetheart, the Comte relays some bad news to Hornblower. What is the news and how does it affect Hornblower?

2. What does Hornblower note about the church service he accompanies the Duke d'Angoulême to? Why is this significant?

3. What does Hornblower come to realize about his wife and himself?

4. With Napoleon in power again, what does Hornblower do?

5. How does C. S. Forester show that the English admire and think well of Hornblower and his actions? What does this show us about Hornblower?

6. What does Napoleon's troops do to further decimate the morale and number of the Comte and his followers? Why?

7. How are Hornblower and the Comte saved from execution?

8. What is LeBrun able to do to make it easier for Hornblower to secure the harbor defenses at Le Havre?

9. How does Hornblower react to Barbara's presence?

10. How is Hornblower captured at the end of the book?

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