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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Napoleon do (April 1814) not long after Hornblower secures Rouen?
(a) Makes a last stand in Paris.
(b) Surrenders.
(c) Commits suicide.
(d) Abdicates.

2. What happens to Captain Bush after the encounter with Napoleon's troops at Caudebec?
(a) He is killed when a powder store explodes.
(b) He is killed during the attack by friendly fire.
(c) He is blinded by a piece of shrapnel from the explosion.
(d) He is severely wounded by a French soldier and has to have his leg amputated.

3. How is Hornblower recognized for his services?
(a) He is given a medal.
(b) He is relieved of his duties in Le Havre and allowed to retire.
(c) He and Barbara are invited to a reception given by the Prince Regent in his honor.
(d) He is made a peer.

4. What type of reception does Hornblower receive when he arrives at the Chateau de Graçay?
(a) The Chateau is closed, no one is there.
(b) Cold and suspicious.
(c) Warm and welcoming.
(d) He is turned away because the Comte already has guests.

5. Why is Hornblower upset by the English newspaper article?
(a) He doesn't think his actions merit comparisons with his hero Lord Nelson.
(b) He can't believe Barbara cheats on him.
(c) As long as Napoleon lives, the war is never going to end.
(d) He thinks Chadwick should be punished more severely.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hornblower have on board the Porta Coeli?

2. What famous personage is Hornblower's wife related to?

3. What does Hornblower plan to do with the Duke d'Angoulême?

4. What does Barbara do that contributes to the drifting apart of her relationship with Hornblower?

5. What does the Duchess Marie Thérèse tell Hornblower about Nevers and their reaction to Napoleon coming into power again?

Short Essay Questions

1. With Le Havre declaring for the French King, what does Hornblower's superiors in England do?

2. How does Hornblower try to save Brown's life?

3. What is LeBrun able to do to make it easier for Hornblower to secure the harbor defenses at Le Havre?

4. Why doesn't Hornblower go to Vienna with his wife Barbara?

5. In the end, no fighting is necessary at Rouen, why?

6. Why is Hornblower conflicted about going back to France?

7. How are Hornblower and the Comte saved from execution?

8. What is Napoleon Bonaparte's response to Le Havre's liberation? Why?

9. What does Hornblower note about the church service he accompanies the Duke d'Angoulême to? Why is this significant?

10. How is Hornblower captured at the end of the book?

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