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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hornblower have to do for the royal banquet that he particularly dislikes?
(a) Keep up with the Duke d'Angoulême's drinking.
(b) Wear all his medals.
(c) Have his hair powdered.
(d) Make a speech.

2. What saves Hornblower, the Comte, and Brown from execution?
(a) Napoleon himself intervenes and commutes the sentences.
(b) They are able to escape before the sentences are carried out.
(c) The guns discharges incorrectly.
(d) The news that Napoleon suffers a tremendous defeat at the hand of Wellington.

3. Who else comes to Le Havre that is even more surprising to Hornblower?
(a) His first Captain on the Indefatigable.
(b) His wife Barbara.
(c) His wife Barbara's personal maid.
(d) Lord St. Vincent.

4. To whom do the placards' promises not extend?
(a) Hornblower, Brown, the Comte de Graçay, and Marie.
(b) Only the Comte de Graçay, and Marie.
(c) Only Hornblower.
(d) Only the Comte de Graçay.

5. What happens to Captain Bush after the encounter with Napoleon's troops at Caudebec?
(a) He is killed when a powder store explodes.
(b) He is severely wounded by a French soldier and has to have his leg amputated.
(c) He is blinded by a piece of shrapnel from the explosion.
(d) He is killed during the attack by friendly fire.

6. What does the Duchess Marie Thérèse tell Hornblower about Nevers and their reaction to Napoleon coming into power again?
(a) Large regions of Southern France declare in support of the King.
(b) Hornblower has to go to Vienna to represent the Duke and Duchess and Nevers.
(c) Large regions of Southern France declare in support of Napoleon.
(d) Nevers is neutral territory.

7. What is one of the many things Hornblower does in his new position in Le Havre?
(a) Plan and liberate other French ports.
(b) Listen to complaints about English treatment of the new liberated citizens of Le Havre.
(c) Set up a spy network and infiltrate nearby towns.
(d) Inspect the French troops every morning.

8. How does Napoleon respond to the Comte and his followers?
(a) He sends forces to destroy them.
(b) He sends assassins to take care of the ringleaders.
(c) He sends representatives to negotiate their surrender.
(d) He sends operatives to infiltrate their group.

9. What does Hornblower and the group try to do to evade capture after being cornered by Napoleon's troops?
(a) Hide themselves in an abandoned farmhouse.
(b) Disguise themselves as French soldiers.
(c) Swim downriver.
(d) Find a boat to cross the river.

10. How does Marie die?
(a) She bleeds to death in Hornblower's arms.
(b) She falls into the river and drowns.
(c) She is bayoneted when she tries to escape.
(d) She is trampled when her horse is shot from under her.

11. Where do they hold the Congress to decide the fate of post-war Europe?
(a) Vienna.
(b) London.
(c) Paris.
(d) Rome.

12. Who leaves the Chateau with Hornblower?
(a) Vicomtesse de Graçay.
(b) No one, he leaves alone.
(c) Brown.
(d) The Comte de Graçay, Vicomtesse de Graçay, Brown, Annette.

13. Where does Hornblower go first with his royal guest?
(a) To church.
(b) To the Governor's mansion.
(c) To the town hall for a reception.
(d) To visit with the Mayor.

14. What news arrives to make Hornblower's plan for the militia an almost guaranteed success?
(a) There are only half the number of enemy soldiers as first estimated.
(b) Wellington sends reinforcements.
(c) The locals are going to fight with them.
(d) The French abandon Rouen.

15. Who comes to Le Havre on a surprise visit?
(a) The Duke of Wellington.
(b) Lord St. Vincent.
(c) The Prince Regent.
(d) The Duchess Marie Thérèse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hornblower afraid of when he hears Dobbs' news?

2. What famous personage is Hornblower's wife related to?

3. Why is Hornblower not happy and is awkward with his wife when she visits him at Le Havre?

4. Who does Hornblower have on board the Porta Coeli?

5. Why is Hornblower angry at the Duke d'Angoulême?

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