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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hornblower not stay in England as expected?
(a) He wants to be with Marie la Vicomtesse de Graçay again.
(b) He wants to join Barbara in Vienna.
(c) He wants to grab more prize money before the war ends.
(d) He wants to introduce Richard to the sea, now that it is safer.

2. What does Hornblower do when he hears the latest news about Napoleon regaining power?
(a) He leaves the Chateau and go to Nevers.
(b) He leaves for England.
(c) He leaves for Rome.
(d) He leaves for Vienna.

3. Who comes to Le Havre on a surprise visit?
(a) The Duchess Marie Thérèse.
(b) The Prince Regent.
(c) Lord St. Vincent.
(d) The Duke of Wellington.

4. What does Barbara do that contributes to the drifting apart of her relationship with Hornblower?
(a) She refuses to stay in Le Havre and leaves for England.
(b) She refuses to sleep with Hornblower.
(c) She accepts the role of unofficial hostess for England at the Congress.
(d) She asks her brother to commend Hornblower to the Prince Regent.

5. Who brings news that England is sending a VIP?
(a) Baron Momas.
(b) An older officer by the name of Haus.
(c) A Midshipman from the Admiralty.
(d) Lebrun.

6. Brown has plans of his own in France. What does he tell Hornblower?
(a) He is going to go to Vienna and join Barbara and her maid.
(b) He is going to marry a local girl.
(c) He is going to buy a farm.
(d) He is going to travel Europe now that the war is over.

7. Where does the attack force go to meet Napoleon's troops?
(a) To the harbor.
(b) Downriver from Le Havre, near a place called Honfleur.
(c) To Harfleur, a small town outside of Le Havre.
(d) Upriver from Le Havre, near a place called Caudebec.

8. What else does Brown tell Hornblower he plans to do?
(a) Use his saved prize money and settle down in Rome.
(b) Open an inn in Paris.
(c) Go to America and seek his fortune.
(d) Join the Porta Coeli crew and become Captain Freeman's servant.

9. Why is Hornblower angry at the Duke d'Angoulême?
(a) He denies Hornblower's request to go back to England.
(b) He makes fun of Captain Bush's memory.
(c) He is found plotting with Le Havre's remaining Bonapartists.
(d) He refuses to commute the sentences of the mutineers.

10. What does Hornblower read in the newspaper from England?
(a) An account of his actions with the Flame.
(b) Napoleon is assembling troops to attack Leipzig.
(c) Lieutenant Chadwick is exiled to Jamaica.
(d) A gossip column piece, insinuating his wife is having an affair.

11. Why is royalty coming to Le Havre?
(a) It is an excuse to get the royal out of England.
(b) The royal is on tour.
(c) To give Hornblower a medal.
(d) To officially recognize Le Havre's liberation.

12. Why is Hornblower particularly upset with the news about Captain Bush?
(a) Captain Bush blames Hornblower for his injuries.
(b) Captain Bush's negligence costs them the victory.
(c) Hornblower is blamed for the fiasco.
(d) They can't even find a body to bury.

13. Who is the Duke d'Angoulême's wife?
(a) The daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoniette.
(b) The illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Cumberland and Anne Horton.
(c) The daughter of King George III and Queen Charlotte.
(d) The niece of the English Prime Minister, William Pitt.

14. What does Hornblower demand of the Mayor of Rouen?
(a) Quit and leave town.
(b) Pay ransom for his town.
(c) Declare the town for King Louis.
(d) Help set a trap for Bonaparte.

15. What does Hornblower think about his duties at Le Havre?
(a) As always, he likes the adminstrative work.
(b) He hopes that Barbara is proud of him.
(c) He is a man of action and doesn't like being behind a desk.
(d) He is glad he doesn't have to be at sea.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hornblower know the Comte de Graçay?

2. Who accompanies Hornblower on this trip to the Chateau de Graçay?

3. Why does a militia arrive in Le Havre?

4. What does Hornblower have to do with the mutineers who aren't pardoned?

5. At the night of Brown's wedding, what does the Comte tell Hornblower?

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