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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hornblower plan to do with the militia?
(a) Send them back to England.
(b) Advance on the city of Rouen.
(c) Attack the nearby city of Honfleur.
(d) Ready them for orders from Wellington.

2. What type of reception does Hornblower receive when he arrives at the Chateau de Graçay?
(a) The Chateau is closed, no one is there.
(b) Warm and welcoming.
(c) He is turned away because the Comte already has guests.
(d) Cold and suspicious.

3. Who is the VIP soon to arrive at Le Havre?
(a) A French princess, Thérèse Marie.
(b) The Prince Regent.
(c) A French nobleman, the Comte d'Artois.
(d) A French prince, the Duke d'Angoulême.

4. What is the news from the war front (April 1814) not long after Hornblower secures Rouen?
(a) The Admiralty abandones the blockade.
(b) General Blücher captures Paris.
(c) Wellington lostes an engagement to the French.
(d) Napoleon is marching back to Rouen.

5. Instead of returning to England, what does Hornblower decide to do while in Nevers?
(a) Go back to Rouen to find his services to the Duke.
(b) Stay in France with the Comte de Graçay to lead the local resistance.
(c) Go to Le Havre to find Captain Freeman.
(d) Go to Vienna to find Barbara.

6. What does Hornblower think about his duties at Le Havre?
(a) He is glad he doesn't have to be at sea.
(b) He hopes that Barbara is proud of him.
(c) He is a man of action and doesn't like being behind a desk.
(d) As always, he likes the adminstrative work.

7. How does Marie die?
(a) She bleeds to death in Hornblower's arms.
(b) She is bayoneted when she tries to escape.
(c) She is trampled when her horse is shot from under her.
(d) She falls into the river and drowns.

8. What does Hornblower think of the judgment for the mutineers?
(a) He wishes the ringleader can stand trial.
(b) It is too harsh.
(c) It is justice.
(d) He doesn't like it but he isn't going to intervene.

9. What does Hornblower demand of the Mayor of Rouen?
(a) Pay ransom for his town.
(b) Quit and leave town.
(c) Help set a trap for Bonaparte.
(d) Declare the town for King Louis.

10. Where does Hornblower send the Porta Coeli as part of his plan for the militia?
(a) Upriver from Le Havre to a place called Caudebec.
(b) To Spain to deliver a message to General Blücher.
(c) Back to England for reinforcements.
(d) Up the Seine River further into France.

11. What is left of the Comte's party, where do they find themselves cornered?
(a) By a river that is uncrossable.
(b) Near a rock outcropping just outside Nevers.
(c) Just outside Rouens in a small church.
(d) At Nevers in a small warehouse.

12. Who accompanies Hornblower on this trip to the Chateau de Graçay?
(a) His son Richard.
(b) Lord St. Vincent.
(c) His servant Brown.
(d) No one.

13. What does Barbara do that contributes to the drifting apart of her relationship with Hornblower?
(a) She refuses to sleep with Hornblower.
(b) She asks her brother to commend Hornblower to the Prince Regent.
(c) She refuses to stay in Le Havre and leaves for England.
(d) She accepts the role of unofficial hostess for England at the Congress.

14. What is the news from the war front (March 1814)?
(a) Bonaparte suffers a major setback at Soissons.
(b) Prime Minister Pitt is considering conscription.
(c) The Duke of Wellington is suffering from gout and has to postpone a planned attack.
(d) Napoleon is in secret talks with the Americans.

15. What does Hornblower have to do with the mutineers who aren't pardoned?
(a) Hold the court martial trial at Le Havre.
(b) Sign the court martial papers to hang them.
(c) Sign the court martial papers and sentence them to hard labor.
(d) Help the Admiralty reallocate them to other ships.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Duchess appoint the Comte de Graçay?

2. What famous personage is Hornblower's wife related to?

3. Who is still with Hornblower when the French troops catch up with them?

4. To whom do the placards' promises not extend?

5. Why does Hornblower find the visit by the French royal sent to Le Havre annoying?

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