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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the French do when the Flame starts sailing to shore?
(a) Send a welcoming committee of dignitaries.
(b) Fire the citadel's batteries.
(c) Send gun boats.
(d) Ignore the ship.

2. What does Hornblower do with the Flame's mutinous crew?
(a) He sends them all back to the England for a court martial.
(b) He pardons forty of them.
(c) He has them all imprisoned in the brig.
(d) He puts them back under Lieutenant Chadwick's control.

3. What does the crew of the Flame want?
(a) A commendation for their Captain for services above and beyond.
(b) A fair share of the prize money taken by their sister ship, the Porta Coeli.
(c) Shore leave as they are on the ship for over a year.
(d) A full pardon and a trial for Lieutenant Chadwick.

4. What is a chasse-marée?
(a) A nickname for a French officer equivalent to a lieutenant.
(b) A French cannon on a ship.
(c) A French cannon mounted on the battery.
(d) A French gunboat.

5. What does Lieutenant Freeman offer to do for the other captains?
(a) Teach them some card tricks.
(b) Teach them how to play a Gypsy card game.
(c) Tell their fortunes with a pack of cards.
(d) Play whist for low stakes.

6. What is the first thing Hornblower does when he returns from the Flame to the Porta Coeli?
(a) He orders the sailmaker to make four top sails.
(b) He orders Brown to make him tea.
(c) He orders Freeman to fire on the Flame.
(d) He writes a report to the Admiralty.

7. What does Hornblower speculate happens on the Flame as it starts to sail to shore?
(a) The crew is suffering from food poisoning, thanks to the tainted ale Hornblower sends over.
(b) Nathaniel Sweet is telling the crew about what happens last night.
(c) The mutineers are united in their purpose.
(d) There is probably dissension on board with different groups wanting to do different things.

8. Why does an English ship have a Spanish name - Porta Coeli?
(a) It is financed by Spanish noblemen exiled in England.
(b) It is named after the place where it is built.
(c) It is named after a Spanish ship that puts up a good fight.
(d) It is named as a gesture of good will.

9. How does Hornblower know Lieutenant Augustine Chadwick?
(a) They are schoolmates.
(b) They serve as midshipmen together on the same ship.
(c) Lieutenant Chadwick's wife is Hornblower's first cousin.
(d) Their families have neighboring estates.

10. What is Hornblower ordered to do with the ship His Majesty's Flame?
(a) Negotiate with the French who capture the ship.
(b) Suppress the mutiny onboard and gain control of the ship.
(c) Take command and go on a covert mission.
(d) Deliver secret orders to the current captain.

11. Who promises the mutineers immunity and a pension for every man from the age of sixty?
(a) Hornblower.
(b) The Admiralty.
(c) Marie Therese, Empress, Queen and Regent.
(d) The citizens of Le Havre.

12. What news does Hornblower receive from one of the prisoners from the French East Indian ship?
(a) Le Havre plans to attack both the English ships.
(b) The Mayor of Le Havre recently dies.
(c) Bonaparte loses another major battle at Leipzig.
(d) There is an outbreak of dysentery at Le Havre.

13. What happens to one of Hornblower's previous ships, the Sutherland?
(a) It is damaged so badly that retires from duty.
(b) It is renamed the Phoenix.
(c) It sinks after a battle off the Normandy coast.
(d) Hornblower surrenders it to the French.

14. As part of Lebrun's scheme, what is Hornblower's task?
(a) Fire one of the cannons at exactly 12 noon as a signal.
(b) Pretend to surrender to the French.
(c) Secure the harbor defenses.
(d) Make sure that he stays just offshore until Lebrun comes back.

15. Who is the captain of Porta Coeli?
(a) Lord St. Vincent.
(b) Lieutenant Chadwick.
(c) Captain Bush.
(d) Lieutenant Freeman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lord St. Vincent tell Hornblower?

2. What is unique about Lord St. Vincent's instructions to Hornblower?

3. Who gives Hornblower his next assignment in the beginning of the book?

4. How does Hornblower know the captain of the Porta Coeli?

5. How doesl Hornblower get to the Flame?

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