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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the French gunboat that Hornblower boards in the fight at Le Havre?
(a) Indefatigable.
(b) Chasse-Marée
(c) Bonne Chance.
(d) Bonne Celestine.

2. What does Hornblower do with the Flame's mutinous crew?
(a) He pardons forty of them.
(b) He sends them all back to the England for a court martial.
(c) He has them all imprisoned in the brig.
(d) He puts them back under Lieutenant Chadwick's control.

3. What else does Lebrun want for helping Hornblower?
(a) Money and a safe passage to America.
(b) An import license for colonial goods.
(c) Hornblower's word of honor that the English don't know who sets up the deal.
(d) An introduction to the Prince Regent.

4. What is one of the last things LeBrun does before he is captured?
(a) Calculates the losses from this year's failed trading missions.
(b) Spends the night with his mistress.
(c) Plots with Baron Momas to capture the English ships.
(d) Acts on the dispatches from Paris.

5. Who gives Hornblower his next assignment in the beginning of the book?
(a) Lord St. Vincent.
(b) Duke of Wellington.
(c) Prince of Wales.
(d) No one, he already has an assignment.

6. How does Chadwick react to his orders from Hornblower?
(a) He attacks Hornblower and has to be restrained.
(b) He resents Hornblower, but does as he is told.
(c) He demands his ship and crew back.
(d) He respectfully asks to stay with the Commodore.

7. As part of Lebrun's scheme, what is Hornblower's task?
(a) Secure the harbor defenses.
(b) Make sure that he stays just offshore until Lebrun comes back.
(c) Pretend to surrender to the French.
(d) Fire one of the cannons at exactly 12 noon as a signal.

8. What does Hornblower speculate happens on the Flame as it starts to sail to shore?
(a) The mutineers are united in their purpose.
(b) Nathaniel Sweet is telling the crew about what happens last night.
(c) The crew is suffering from food poisoning, thanks to the tainted ale Hornblower sends over.
(d) There is probably dissension on board with different groups wanting to do different things.

9. Why does the French react the way they do when the Flame sails into Le Havre?
(a) They think the Flame is the Porta Coeli.
(b) They are bored with the détente.
(c) They think the Flame leads the attack the night before.
(d) They have orders to fire on all English ships.

10. Who meets Hornblower and identifies himself as Captain of the Flame?
(a) A midshipman.
(b) Lieutenant Chadwick.
(c) No one meets Hornblower.
(d) Nathaniel Sweet.

11. What is typical of Hornblower's share of prize money from a captured enemy ship?
(a) First choice of one item from the captured ship.
(b) As much as a thousand pounds, depending on the type of ship.
(c) As much as he considered fair; captain's discretion.
(d) About ten pounds, depending on the type of ship.

12. What is a chasse-marée?
(a) A nickname for a French officer equivalent to a lieutenant.
(b) A French cannon on a ship.
(c) A French gunboat.
(d) A French cannon mounted on the battery.

13. Who promises the mutineers immunity and a pension for every man from the age of sixty?
(a) The citizens of Le Havre.
(b) Marie Therese, Empress, Queen and Regent.
(c) The Admiralty.
(d) Hornblower.

14. What is Hornblower ordered to do with the ship His Majesty's Flame?
(a) Take command and go on a covert mission.
(b) Suppress the mutiny onboard and gain control of the ship.
(c) Deliver secret orders to the current captain.
(d) Negotiate with the French who capture the ship.

15. What happens to one of Hornblower's previous ships, the Sutherland?
(a) It is renamed the Phoenix.
(b) Hornblower surrenders it to the French.
(c) It is damaged so badly that retires from duty.
(d) It sinks after a battle off the Normandy coast.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Horatio Hornblower married to?

2. What type of ship is a French West Indiaman?

3. What other honor is Hornblower awarded?

4. Who teaches Hornblower the technique of long splicing?

5. How many ships does Admiral Pellew send as reinforcement?

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