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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the Mayor of Le Havre?
(a) Baron Jacques LeLune.
(b) Comte de Garcay.
(c) Baron Momas.
(d) Comte Philip Baron.

2. What does Lieutenant Freeman offer to do for the other captains?
(a) Teach them how to play a Gypsy card game.
(b) Tell their fortunes with a pack of cards.
(c) Play whist for low stakes.
(d) Teach them some card tricks.

3. Who acts as Hornblower's servant on board the Porta Coeli?
(a) Brown, Hornblower's coxswain.
(b) Hornblower takes care of his own needs.
(c) A midshipman assigned to him.
(d) As per tradition, the oldest sailor on board.

4. Who is the captain of Porta Coeli?
(a) Lieutenant Chadwick.
(b) Lord St. Vincent.
(c) Captain Bush.
(d) Lieutenant Freeman.

5. What does Hornblower think of the Flame's crew and their demands?
(a) They are lying and therefore have no case.
(b) Chadwick obviously doesn't treat them harshly enough.
(c) Flogging is a cruel punishment and the crew has his sympathies.
(d) The Admiralty should ignore the matter.

6. What does the French do when the Flame starts sailing to shore?
(a) Ignore the ship.
(b) Send a welcoming committee of dignitaries.
(c) Fire the citadel's batteries.
(d) Send gun boats.

7. What do the crew of the Flame say in the letter they send to the Admiralty?
(a) Lieutenant Chadwick is selling secrets to the French.
(b) They want shore leave.
(c) They are tired of the blockade and want to go home.
(d) They are flogged and starved on Lieutenant Chadwick's orders.

8. Why does the French react the way they do when the Flame sails into Le Havre?
(a) They have orders to fire on all English ships.
(b) They are bored with the détente.
(c) They think the Flame is the Porta Coeli.
(d) They think the Flame leads the attack the night before.

9. What does Lebrun want for helping Hornblower?
(a) A share of the merchant ship prize.
(b) He wants Hornblower to make him Mayor of Le Havre.
(c) Credit for setting up the deal.
(d) An introduction to the Duke of Wellington.

10. How does Hornblower feel about Sweet's death?
(a) Barbara wants him to kill the man.
(b) He wishes it is Chadwick instead.
(c) He has to die.
(d) Nothing, he has seen too many die.

11. What happens if a ship like Porta Coeli captures an enemy ship?
(a) The crew gets one hour to do as they like on the enemy ship.
(b) The officers and crew split the prize money from the sale and refit of the ship.
(c) The enemy ship is set on fire and sunk.
(d) The officers automatically get a promotion.

12. Just before he meets the Flame's crew, what is Hornblower's plan? What is he going to do with the Flame's crew?
(a) Hornblower has no concrete plans.
(b) Hornblower plans to have Lieutenant Chadwick arrested to appease the crew.
(c) Hornblower plans to order the Porta Coeli to fire and sink the ship.
(d) Hornblower plans to send Lieutenant Freeman aboard to reason with them.

13. When does Hornblower learn long splicing?
(a) He never learns.
(b) As a midshipmen.
(c) Just recently while he is convalescing.
(d) Before he boards his first ship.

14. Why is it better to be a Captain than a Lieutenant?
(a) You get your choice of ships and postings.
(b) You get to name your ship when you get one.
(c) You get to retire whenever you want.
(d) You get three times the pay and prize money as a Captain.

15. What does Lebrun tell Hornblower he can do?
(a) Supply him with the best French brandy.
(b) Have Napoleon Bonaparte assassinated.
(c) Convince the Mayor to declare Le Havre for King Louis XVIII.
(d) Tell him the schedules and locations of other French East Indian ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hornblower plan to do with the Porta Coeli, after he comes back from meeting with the mutineers?

2. What is Hornblower ordered to do with the ship His Majesty's Flame?

3. What does the success of Hornblower's plan the Porta Coeli masquerade mean?

4. What does Hornblower think of Captain Bush?

5. What is the name of Captain Bush's ship?

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