Daily Lessons for Teaching Lord Hornblower

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1, 2, and 3)


Although readers are likely already familiar with Horatio Hornblower from previous books, C. S. Forester still takes time to give us a better sense of Hornblower as a person. This lesson discusses character building in the first three chapters of this book.


1) Groups: Break the class into groups. Based on the first three chapters, do a character sketch and list Hornblower's qualities as C. S. Forester describes him. Does he seem like a real person? Why, why not?

2) Class Discussion: Compare the character sketches of Hornblower with others in the class. What stands out?

3) Class Activity: Authors often use other characters in a book as a way to show more about the main character. Assume a character in the book and describe Hornblower based on what your character knows about him so far.

4) Homework: Write an essay of a few paragraphs as to whether a...

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