Lord Hornblower Character Descriptions

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Lord Horatio Hornblower

This character is prone to seasickness but joins the British navy as a career as a teenager. Well-respected, educated, and exceptionally resourceful, this character is often plagued by self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Lord St. Vincent

This character is based on a historical figure, a commanding decisive person who rises high in His Majesty's navy.

Lieutenant Freeman

This character is part-Gypsy, with long dark hair styled in ringlets.


This character is an intelligent and capable domestic who is at home on land and on sea.

Captain William Bush

This character has a missing foot, but other than that, is extremely fit with a powerful build and a strong constitution.

Lieutenant Augustine Chadwick

This character is a bully with a sadistic streak.

Nathaniel Sweet

This character is older with long white hair, and through circumstance, becomes the leader in actions that goes, contrary to the existing...

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