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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Covenant see in the center of the bridge?

2. What does Foamfollower say that his name means?

3. How long is Covenant told he was unconscious?

4. Why does Prothall allow Birinair to lead the Quest into the mountains?

5. What problem does Covenant have when the first days of the quest in Chapter sixteen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Korik say about the battle that he and his men fight in Chapter seventeen?

2. Describe what Bannor tells Covenant in Chapter fifteen regarding the Bloodguard's view of the white gold that Covenant possesses.

3. In Chapter twenty-one, what do Mhoram and Covenant talk about when Mhoram shows Covenant the Land before they go into battle?

4. In Chapter twenty-two, what does Covenant notice about his ring?

5. Describe how the Lithe gets the members of the Quest out of the caverns in Chapter twenty-four.

6. What happens when Birinair is enveloped in the blue flame?

7. In Chapter twenty-three, what does Prothall and Mhoram tell Covenant about the Wards that Kevin left?

8. Describe the conversation that Prothall and Mhoram have in Chapter twenty-four while in the caverns when Prothall tells Mhoram to leave him behind.

9. What does Covenant find when he wakes up in Chapter twenty-five?

10. What are the reactions at the end of chapter twenty-one when Prothall offers to let any turn back before they go into the mountain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) What role does Lena have in the story?

2) What role does Joan have in the story?

3) Compare Joan to Lena.

Essay Topic 2

1) How does Covenant view the Land when he first arrives there?

2) Does Covenant view the Land any differently after he arrives back home? Explain.

3) What does the Land represent to Covenant?

Essay Topic 3

1) What is the role of the beggar in the story?

2) What was significant to remember from the interaction that Covenant and the beggar have?

3) Why does Covenant's mind drift to the beggar when the Lords are telling Covenant what they know of the Creator?

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