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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Covenant decide to do without until he can discover the answers he is looking for in Chapter eighteen?

2. What does Tamarantha say the Creator first built?

3. What does Covenant have a vision of in Chapter fifteen when the Lords mention the Creator?

4. What does Lord Prothall say should be done with the bodies in Woodhelven?

5. What does Covenant tell the Ranyhyn he wants them to do for him?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter twenty-two, what does Covenant notice about his ring?

2. Describe the scene when Covenant has the Ranyhyn called.

3. What do they find when they reach Woodhelven in Chapter seventeen?

4. What does Korik say about the battle that he and his men fight in Chapter seventeen?

5. What does Osondrea explain about the Ranyhyn in Chapter fifteen?

6. What does Covenant begin to feel when they near the bridge in Chapter twenty-two?

7. What are the reactions at the end of chapter twenty-one when Prothall offers to let any turn back before they go into the mountain?

8. What happens after Covenant calls the Ranyhyn in Chapter twenty-four?

9. What does Covenant think about and answer where Mhoram asks about Covenant's world?

10. In chapter twenty what happens when Lithe offers to be Covenant's servant?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) What is the role of the beggar in the story?

2) What was significant to remember from the interaction that Covenant and the beggar have?

3) Why does Covenant's mind drift to the beggar when the Lords are telling Covenant what they know of the Creator?

Essay Topic 2

1) Why does Covenant continually tell people not to touch him and repeat that he is a leper while in the Land?

2) What does being a leper mean to Covenant?

3) Why does Covenant not sit down and explain to the Lords or someone what it means to be a leper in terms of what the disease does to him?

Essay Topic 3

1) Throughout the story Covenant seems intent on surviving. What does surviving mean to Covenant?

2) In chapter twenty-five why does Covenant say that the only thing that matters is that the Quest survived?

3) Compare Covenant's term of survival to the term living. How do they compare?

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