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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Covenant tell Foamfollower about the people that try to help him while Covenant is talking in Chapter twelve?

2. What happens to the Wraiths as they land on Covenant's ring?

3. What does Foamfollower say is the only great danger in Chapter twelve?

4. What does Covenant ask Atiaran about the dead Waynhim?

5. What does Lena tell Covenant that she saw in Chapter four?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the conversation that Covenant and Trell first have when he arrives in Lena's home in Chapter six.

2. What does Atiaran say as she leaves Covenant?

3. What happens in chapter eight when Triok comes to kill Covenant?

4. Describe the things that Covenant learns to do while at the hospital learning to deal with his leprosy. What special steps does he have to change in his life?

5. What does Covenant explain to the Lords after they learn that he has the white gold ring?

6. What happens between Covenant and Lena in Chapter seven?

7. Describe what happened when Covenant first discovered he was sick as he recalls the events in Chapter two?

8. Why is Covenant going to town in Chapter one?

9. Describe the conversation between the beggar and Covenant in the beginning of the book.

10. Describe the scene in Chapter twelve when the men from the Keep first catch up with the boat that Covenant is on.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) What does the ring symbolize in the story?

2) What is the difference in the right and left hand of Thomas Covenant?

3) Why is it that Covenant was rejected by the High Wood when he grasped it with his left hand but accepted when he grasped it with is right? Why is it that the ring worked for Covenant after Mhoram put it on Covenant's right hand rather than his left?

Essay Topic 2

1) Do you believe the Land was just a dream? Why or why not?

2) How would you have behaved differently had you been in Covenant's place?

3) Do you feel that Covenant was right or wrong to refuse to fight in the belief that killing was wrong? Why?

Essay Topic 3

1) Why does Covenant continually say that the Land is just a dream and that it must be a dream or he must be crazy?

2) What is Covenant's reaction when he returns home and finds that his fingers and toes are numb?

3) What is his reaction when he has returned home and finds that his clothes look just as they did before he went to the Land?

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