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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Foamfollower tell Covenant that the Ramen used to do?
(a) Bone-sculpting.
(b) Rope-burning.
(c) Cloud creations.
(d) Dances with the Ranyhyn.

2. What does Covenant try to catch a glimpse of before going into the catacombs in Chapter twenty-two?
(a) The stars in the sky.
(b) Foamfollower.
(c) The Ranyhyn.
(d) The moon.

3. What does Covenant ask of the Ramen people before he leaves?
(a) For them to care for his horse and give him a fresh one.
(b) For two of their warriors to go with him.
(c) For Gay to be sent to the Lord's Keep as she wishes.
(d) For them to give Pietten and Llaura a home.

4. What word does Covenant use to describe the way that people see his world?
(a) Stage.
(b) Landscape.
(c) Setting.
(d) Scenery.

5. What does Covenant notice about his clothes when they are given to him in Chapter twenty-five?
(a) They look the same as before he went on the Quest.
(b) They are ruined.
(c) His boots are missing.
(d) They are coated in blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Lords offer to let Foamfollower do in Chapter fifteen?

2. In Chapter seventeen what does Mhoram say he sees Foul doing in his dreams?

3. How does Covenant get back home?

4. In the beginning of Chapter nineteen what is done with the bodies of the kresh that were killed?

5. What does Covenant find when he wakes up after passing out from the pain of the attack from the ground in Chapter sixteen.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Bannor tells Covenant in Chapter fifteen regarding the Bloodguard's view of the white gold that Covenant possesses.

2. What does Covenant begin to feel when they near the bridge in Chapter twenty-two?

3. What does Prothall say about the spell on the bridge in Chapter twenty-two?

4. What does Covenant think about and answer where Mhoram asks about Covenant's world?

5. In Chapter twenty-one, what do Mhoram and Covenant talk about when Mhoram shows Covenant the Land before they go into battle?

6. What are the reactions at the end of chapter twenty-one when Prothall offers to let any turn back before they go into the mountain?

7. What happens after Covenant calls the Ranyhyn in Chapter twenty-four?

8. Describe the scene when Covenant has the Ranyhyn called.

9. What does Korik say about the battle that he and his men fight in Chapter seventeen?

10. Describe the code as it is spoken of in Chapter fifteen.

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