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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lena say she wants to do rather than stay in her home and get married?
(a) Go and become a Lord.
(b) Go to Woodhelven.
(c) Go to see the Giants.
(d) Wander the Land.

2. In chapter seven what does Covenant say when Lena asks him if he is not well?
(a) He hasn't been well since the divorce.
(b) He just wants to go home.
(c) He is just tired.
(d) He isn't sure.

3. What does Atiaran find for her and Covenant in Chapter nine?
(a) Two horses to ride.
(b) A pool of water to bathe in.
(c) A Waymeet.
(d) A cave to sleep in.

4. What is Covenant told is the name of the place he wakes up in Chapter four?
(a) The Watcher's Tower.
(b) Kevin's Watch.
(c) The High Keep.
(d) Half Hand Mountain.

5. What does Lord Foul tell Covenant he wants him to do?
(a) Destroy the Land.
(b) Take a message to the Council of the Lords.
(c) Hand over the white gold ring.
(d) Kill the leader of the Council of the Lords.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Atiaran tell Covenant that it is said that a person should go to the lillianrill for?

2. What dos the piece of paper say that the boy gives to Covenant in Chapter one?

3. What does Foamfollower ask for from Covenant to give him the strength to carry on?

4. What does Quaan say about Lord Mhoram in Chapter twelve?

5. Why does Atiaran say that the Wraiths cannot run away from the ur-viles in Chapter ten?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happened when Covenant first discovered he was sick as he recalls the events in Chapter two?

2. Describe the things that Covenant learns to do while at the hospital learning to deal with his leprosy. What special steps does he have to change in his life?

3. Describe the houses that Covenant sees when he reaches Lena's home in Chapter five.

4. Describe the conversation between the beggar and Covenant in the beginning of the book.

5. What oddity does Covenant notice in regards to his feet while he and Atiaran are traveling after having left Woodhelven in Chapter ten?

6. What happens between Covenant and Lena in Chapter seven?

7. What happens while Covenant and Atiaran are watching the Wraiths dance?

8. In Chapter ten, what happens when Covenant grabs the High Wood staff a second time?

9. Describe the conversation that Covenant and Trell first have when he arrives in Lena's home in Chapter six.

10. Why is Covenant going to town in Chapter one?

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