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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Llaura tell the members of the quest as soon as she can speak in Chapter seventeen?
(a) That Drool is going to the Keep.
(b) That they are in a trap.
(c) That the marauders are going to the Stonedowner village.
(d) That the boy has an ur-vile inside of him.

2. What does Covenant see in the center of the bridge?
(a) Drool's face.
(b) A star.
(c) A shimmering loop of air.
(d) Death.

3. What does Foamfollower say about the attack on Woodhelven?
(a) It is the same as the prophecy has told.
(b) It is too planned to be Drool's doing alone.
(c) It was cruel.
(d) Justice must be given.

4. What gives Covenant the pride to make his way down the mountain by himself in Chapter twenty-two?
(a) Lithe is able to make it.
(b) Bannor offers to carry him.
(c) Prothall offers to let Covenant stay behind.
(d) Foamfollower says that many small people are scared of such big things.

5. Where is Covenant when he awakens in Chapter twenty-five?
(a) His bed.
(b) Street.
(c) Hospital.
(d) On his couch.

6. What does Bannor tell Covenant that the Bloodguard do without?
(a) Water.
(b) Sleep.
(c) Food.
(d) Family.

7. What does Mhoram tell Covenant about the Land in Chapter twenty-one?
(a) It asks for his allegiance.
(b) It is honest and good.
(c) It will not allow the Despiser to come.
(d) It will not always be this beautiful.

8. Who is the first person that Covenant sees in Chapter twenty-five?
(a) Joan.
(b) A nurse.
(c) A policeman.
(d) A doctor.

9. What stops Covenant from throwing the white gold ring over the cliff in Chapter twenty-four?
(a) The blood stain is gone from the ring.
(b) He remembers Lena.
(c) He sees Foamfollower.
(d) He hears Joan's voice.

10. What does Mhoram tell Covenant that Prothall is trying to do in Chapter twenty-four?
(a) Call the Ranyhyn.
(b) Cll the Fire-Lions.
(c) Open the second Ward.
(d) Destroy the Staff of Law.

11. What does the woman tell Covenant about the boy in Chapter seventeen?
(a) He hasn't eaten for days.
(b) He likes horses.
(c) He is afraid.
(d) His tongue was cut out.

12. Where does the woman tell the Bloodguard that she had been going in Chapter seventeen?
(a) To a cave where she could hide with the child.
(b) To the Stonedowner village.
(c) To the Unfettered Healer.
(d) To look for other survivors.

13. What does Prothall say in Chapter twenty-two after they are within bow shot of Warrenbridge?
(a) That this may be easier than he had feared.
(b) That his heart tells him there is peril.
(c) That he wished he had eaten before they left.
(d) That he knows it is a trap.

14. How does Covenant get back home?
(a) Cab.
(b) Walks.
(c) Ambulance.
(d) His lawyer.

15. What does Quaan say in chapter twenty-one after they have passed through the storm?
(a) This will make a wonderful song to sing.
(b) We have been washed clean.
(c) Praise to the Creator that the storm is over.
(d) I had been thirsty before the rain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Lords offer to let Foamfollower do in Chapter fifteen?

2. What does Covenant do after he is done bargaining with the Ranyhyn?

3. What does Prothall tell Covenant is the reason that he is beginning to fade in Chapter twenty-four?

4. What does Pietten tell Covenant when the Ranyhyn come?

5. What did Kevin do when Lord Foul invited him to Mount Thunder?

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