Lord Foul's Bane Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe what happened when Covenant first discovered he was sick as he recalls the events in Chapter two?

Joan came home from visiting her parents. She sat down with Covenant and smelled the putrid smell coming from his hand. She immediately rushed him to the hospital. The first thing the doctors thought when they saw the hand was gangrene.

2. Describe the conversation that Joan and Covenant had had after it was discovered he had leprosy.

Joan tells Covenant that he has leprosy and that the doctors were going to tell him but she thought it should be her to tell him. She tells him that children are more susceptible to catching it. Joan tells Covenant that there is no cure and that she has to think of keeping their son safe.

3. Why is Covenant going to town in Chapter one?

Covenant is a leper and someone has started paying his bills for him so that he does not have to come into tow. Covenant decides he will go into town to clear things up and refuse this person's charity. Covenant knows that the town people hate him and are afraid they will catch what he has. Covenant is afraid that they will slowly remove him from the town to the point that he is a hermit.

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