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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Covenant say Prothall is going to do after the quest if they succeed?
(a) Resign.
(b) Leave the Keep.
(c) Go and offer himself to the Ranyhyn.
(d) Rebuild Wooldhelven.

2. What does Covenant tell Foamfollower that the only good answer to death is?
(a) Turn your back on it.
(b) Prepare for it.
(c) Bring it close to you.
(d) Embrace it.

3. What does Covenant ask of the Ramen people before he leaves?
(a) For Gay to be sent to the Lord's Keep as she wishes.
(b) For them to care for his horse and give him a fresh one.
(c) For two of their warriors to go with him.
(d) For them to give Pietten and Llaura a home.

4. What does Lena say she wants to do rather than stay in her home and get married?
(a) Wander the Land.
(b) Go and become a Lord.
(c) Go to Woodhelven.
(d) Go to see the Giants.

5. In Chapter twenty-one, what does Covenant say he knows is the only way that the dream will release him?
(a) In death or by the Staff of the Law.
(b) When the Creator or Lord Fould decide he can go.
(c) When the High Lords learn the magic to send him home.
(d) When the plot is finished.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Covenant notice about Foamfollower's boat in Chapter eleven?

2. What does Bannor tell Covenant when Covenant asks how the Bloodguard defend the Lords without weapons?

3. In Chapter fifteen what does Osondrea say about the signs that they have seen?

4. Where does Foamfollower tell Covenant that hope should come from?

5. What does Covenant say when Trell asks him if he has any names other than Covenant of Kevin's Watch?

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