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Kevins Watch

Where Thomas Covenant is dropped by Lord Foul when he first arrives. This is where he first meets Lena.

White Gold Ring

The people of the Land believe this object is a type of wild magic that destroys peace. Thomas Covenant carries this object.

Staff of Law

This is the item the quest must retrieve from Drool Rockworm. It holds great power and was fabricated by Berek from the One Tree.


This place is a village made out of stone. Lena lives there and they practice suru-pa-maerl, a stone craft.


This is a village in a large tree. Covenant and Atiaran receive shelter here at one point but it is destroyed later on by Drool Rockworm's ur-viles.


This is the home of the Lords Keep where Covenant is to take his message. It is the mountain city of the Lords built by the...

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