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Morinmoss Message

Covenant wanted to decipher the message that he felt was on his white robe that the moss had left when he went through the forest. Bring in the robe that Covenant was wearing and explain what the markings mean.

Song of Covenant

There are songs for many things in the Land. This is a way to impart information to new generations. Create a song for Covenant telling of his time in the Land.

Bloodguard's Tale

The Bloodguard have been alive for more than two thousand years. Create a tale of some of the things that they have seen and done.

Prothall's Resignation

Prothall does decide to resign when he gets home. Create his resignation letter stating the reasons that he is stepping down.

Unbeliever Video Game

There is a video game created based on the Lord Foul's Bane book. Using your computer create an advertisement for...

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