Lord Foul's Bane Character Descriptions

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Thomas Covenant

This character is the main protagonist of the story and is also an author. This character has leprosy and is afraid to feel anything believing that the Land will destroy defenses. This character is taken to a strange land and believes that he or she is dreaming but that he or she will die in real life if he or she dies in the dream.

Lord Foul

This is the main antagonist in the story. This character is nothing more than a disembodied voice. This character is considered an enemy of the Land.


This character is a member of the Bloodguard and is assigned to the main character. He is several thousand years old as are all the Bloodguard. This character saves the main character's life many times.


The main character rapes this character when he or she first arrives in the Land.

High Lord Prothal

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