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chapter 1-4

• Covenant goes into town to pay his light bill.

• In town he meets a beggar that tells Covenant that he need not fail.

• Covenant is pulled to a strange land and given a message from Lord Foul to take to the Council of Lords.

• A young girl named Lena arrives and offers her help to Covenant believing he is the reincarnated Berek Halfhand although Covenant assures her he is not.

chapter 5-7

• Lena heals Covenant's wounds with Hurtloam.

• Lena takes Covenant to her home to meet her parents.

• Atiaran tells Covenant that his white gold ring is very important although she is not sure why.

• Covenant looses self control and rapes Lena.

chapter 8-9

• Atiaran arrives to lead Covenant to the Lords and Covenant realizes that she does not know what happened to Lena.

• Triok follows Atiaran and Covenant and tries to kill Covenant but is...

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